Tosave or Not Tosave? A Review of a Wish Style Website

I’m regularly approached by companies via email offering to send me items for free, receive discounts or afforded the opportunity to take someone up on their ‘life-changing’, ‘unique’, ‘guaranteed’ to appear on the first page of Google service. I’ve never done the latter, but they keep on coming. Everyday.

At first, it’s quite flattering that companies would go to the effort to find my contact details and reach out. After a while, you start to weed out the scammy from the genuine.

When I received an email from offering me some free product in return for a review, I wasn’t sure. I took a look at the website and it gave me vibes. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s always a risky business buying from these types of websites. You never know what the product is going to turn up looking and performing like.

I actually became a little bit obsessed with the Wish app a few months back. I couldn’t believe the variety of items on sale for the price. Sure, it can take around three to six weeks to arrive, but that’s a small price to pay (literally) when you’re buying a gadget for your car for only £1.

I’ve actually still got a few items I purchased through Wish that I still use day to day. It’s not all bad.

Like Wish, the products for sale on are being shipped from and manufactured in China. Hence the lengthy delivery time.

At first, I felt conflicted. I suppose it’s like taking a trip to Home Bargains or B&M but they’re cutting out the middleman. So much ‘cheap’ stuff on the shelves in the UK are from China. A website like is simply offering the items directly.

You can buy everything from ladies fashion to car exhaust parts and everything in between, which believe me, is a lot. Want to be a tattoo artist? They sell machines for that too. (Please don’t)

I was asked to choose items which were beauty and fashion related, and I could have spent hours trying to pick. But I ended up going with some makeup brushes, eyeshadow, and a cute faux fur bunny key ring.

It did take a while for my parcel to arrive, but I expected that. It was sent with a trackable code though, which is always favorable.

ToSave Product Review

Pro Rose Flower Shaped Makeup Brushes (6 pieces) 

I don’t know what I was thinking when I picked these, I must have been high. The description says that these nylon brushes can be used for all types of makeup application, even for eyebrows. You’d have to have some pretty hefty eyebrows for these brushes to work for you, but I’m not judging.

There’s not really a difference in shape or size between the brushes. Perhaps one may be alright for powder, but the hairs do fall out and that was before I’d even attempted to use them.

They’re very plastic-y, but for £6 a set, what did I expect?

You’d probably be better off rummaging through a TK Maxx clearance shelf or Home Bargains. I recently purchased a make-up sponge from Home Bargains, and it was actually pretty good. I went back and bought three more.

Price: £6.34

Recommended?: No



Pro 120 Colors Eye Shadow Palette 

I’ve been trying to up my eyeshadow game lately, so I thought I’d opt for a palette with a lot of colors so I could experiment.

Unfortunately, the first time I opened the box a lot of the eyeshadows had been broken upon transit. This is a testament to how fragile these shadows are because even poking one with a brush can lead to its demise.

The formula is extremely chalky, the pigment isn’t strong and trying to achieve a subtle, polished look is unlikely. The first ingredient is talc, so that says a lot.

Again, it was £6 so what was I expecting for 120 colors? the description on this one is very misleading as it states that the palette can be used professionally, contains high-quality ingredients and is durable.

I did, however, get some use out of this palette. I used it for some artwork I was creating. Every silver line?

Price: £6.24

Recommended?: No



Cute Faux Fur Bunny Pendant Keyring

This is my favorite item and one that I use every day. I’m a little obsessed with bunnies, and fluffy things in general. I’m also one of those people who carries way too much around on their keys. In fact, my sister recently called me a janitor. Well, clogging up my handbag with a massive bunny is a perfect solution for finding my keys quickly, let me tell you.

He (yes, it’s a he) is very soft to the touch and feels like a quality item. I’ve been using him since January, and he’s still going strong. I love the look on peoples faces when I pull out a massive bunny from my bag with a million keys attached.

I’ve also spotted these for sale in Boots, so they must be a thing? Maybe for kids.

Price: £4.76

Recommended: Yes






Overall, I would say these websites are extremely hit or miss. If you are going to buy from or an app like Wish, always consider what could go wrong with the item, because it probably will. I have a pasta strainer I bought from Wish that I use all of the time and has served me well because ultimately there’s no detachable parts or electronics. It’s one solid piece of plastic, what could go wrong?

I would never recommend buying makeup or skin care unless you’re prepared to deal with the consequences. The ingredients will be questionable and the efficacy even more so.

Phone cases, notepads, washi tape or a makeup brush cleaner pad are safer items.

I won’t be buying from in the future. Not just because of the experience I’ve had with these items, but because I’m generally trying to be more mindful of where I buy from and what impact that could be having on the world.

Trust me. I like a bargain, but I’ve spent so much of this year taking bags and bags full of stuff to charity shops that I don’t need, and probably never actually did. My consumption of products is depleting and I’m starting to appreciate more quality items.

If you’re planning on taking a gamble, just be wise and don’t expect the description of the product to match the reality of what’s in your jiffy bag.

Check out these alternative items, for sale in the UK which are slightly more expensive but can be returned and are from reputable brands.

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