Peace At Last

binäre optionen put I would like to start off by saying that I am not an artist in terms of painting, drawing etc. I’ve never been ‘able’ to draw and I’ve never had the patience to learn. I always thought it was a bit of a shame because I’m such a visual person. All I see in my head are images, sometimes memories, sometimes constructed images that I create. I think this may be why I have a bit of a weird sense of humour and can find pretty ridiculous things funny. It’s because I visualise everything. I am a singer but when I am learning or creating a melody or a harmony, I make mental images of the way the notes should sound to help me vocalise them properly. When I do maths, I have to have a picture of the numbers in my head for it to make sense. So this is why I’ve always found it frustrating that I can’t manage to get these images to bleed down into my fingers and onto paper.

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broker opzioni digitali trade minimo e massimo It may also have something to do with my impatience and very short attention span. If I’m not picking something up quickly, I very quickly give it up. This is a flaw that I’ve lived with for all of my life and I am trying to get better at it day by day.

binäre optionen trading So, whats the purpose of this slightly bizarre, amateur drawing? Peace. I started doodling in work yesterday and found that it actually made me a little more relaxed and laid back. Today, I’m a bit on edge and have had a pretty bad headache all day. I decided to give drawing a whirl to see if it filled a void and to my amazement it did. It felt good to be at one with my thoughts and my pen. The concentration actually made me feel relaxed as opposed to uptight. My mind slowed down and the process took the edge off of my mood. When I had finished, I felt accomplished and that’s a great feeling in itself.

come sono le opzioni binarie Drawing is definitely something I am going to try again in the future as form of self therapy. I liked it because it was creative but not for anyone or anything. It was just for myself and of course for this blog.

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