November 2014, my Grandfather passed away at the age of 90. He was so much more than my Bampie, he was a second Father. I feel that I’ve personally dealt with it pretty well so far. I honestly believe that this strength has come from writing this website, daily affirmations, research into spirituality and self reflection. If this had happened a year ago, I think that it would have been a lot different for me. Friday, however, the cracks began to show and I was able to put my positivity and new found perspective into practice. I went to the funeral home to pick upRead More →

I have never read Psychologies magazine before but decided to pick up the November issue with Brad Pitt on the cover. I got to an article about the writer Rachel Kelly and her struggle with depression. I related so much to her story as she has found a way to use creativity, particularly poetry, as a remedy. This was one of the reasons why I decided to start this website that I had been putting off for so long. I reached out to her in an email to thank her for her encouragement. I was very touched when not only did she reply but sheRead More →

The autumn trees revealed their reflection in the still lake below, the down pore of rain, it ruined the picture, a perfect image left fractured. Could this be why it’s so impossible to face the mirror when life dives south? When the cloudburst of negativity wets our heads, our replica left disloyal and infected. Should I wait for the skies to clear before I step in front? Or shall I peek in spite of this and search for the picture of truth? Copyright LJB 2014Read More →

I would like to start off by saying that I am not an artist in terms of painting, drawing etc. I’ve never been ‘able’ to draw and I’ve never had the patience to learn. I always thought it was a bit of a shame because I’m such a visual person. All I see in my head are images, sometimes memories, sometimes constructed images that I create. I think this may be why I have a bit of a weird sense of humour and can find pretty ridiculous things funny. It’s because I visualise everything. I am a singer but when I am learning or creatingRead More →

I often get to a tipping point in my head where it literally feels like the end of the world. Everything that I do, every person that I speak to and every glance in the mirror releases feelings of irritation, stubbornness and heart ache. This is usually brought on by over whelming life circumstances. Life will never be easy, lets just get that out there. Human beings are so complex in their thinking, wheather rightly or wrongly. There is no way we can all live together on this planet and life be easy. Recently, I had one of those weeks where everything that could goRead More →

When I couldn’t drive just over four years ago, I didn’t think that I really needed to learn. The sole reason that I did was so that me and my fiancée could have our dream honeymoon, road tripping around the southern states of America. Four years later, if someone took away my ability to drive, it would feel like a missing limb. Ok, maybe that it’s a little bit of an extreme comparison but you see my point? It makes my work life easier as instead of a one and a half hour bus, walk and train triathlon, it’s a fifteen minute motor way driveRead More →

The Ian MacKaye Interview What inspired the template for the band, The Evens? What made both of you decide to bring this project to life? There was no pre-ordained template for the band. Amy and I just started playing music together because we were friends and The Evens grew out of our time in the basement. We weren’t planning on being a band, but things in life lined up in a way that made it possible. As I mentioned, we have been long-time close friends and had for many years talked about playing music together. It was during one of a series of breaks thatRead More →