My Safe Place

iqoption minimo When I couldn’t drive just over four years ago, I didn’t think that I really needed to learn. The sole reason that I did was so that me and my fiancée could have our dream honeymoon, road tripping around the southern states of America. Four years later, if someone took away my ability to drive, it would feel like a missing limb. Ok, maybe that it’s a little bit of an extreme comparison but you see my point? It makes my work life easier as instead of a one and a half hour bus, walk and train triathlon, it’s a fifteen minute motor way drive and I get to see my family more. A perk that I never expected was locating my newly named, ‘safe place’, in the hills of the Brecon Beacons, a thirty minute drive from my home.

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go site I first found my safe place on a spontaneous drive in my new car. It wasn’t a test drive or a romantic excursion, it was one of my moments of feeling claustrophobic, panicked and lost. I got onto the A470 and kept driving. Thought’s and feelings racing through my mind, a depressed aching dread anchoring my mind down into a dark ocean of worry. I came across a blue parking sign and pulled in and found this patch of grass over looking a still, peaceful and beautiful reservoir. In my handbag I had my notepad and pen, two things I don’t leave the house without. I took a seat on a picnic bench and shut my eyes. The soft spring wind blew my hair across my face and I noticed that my arms were growing goose bumps because I had forgotten my jacket in the scurry from my flat. The sun’s presence was felt but not intrusive, it was just right. I took a closer look at the water, it was so serene with barely there ripples making its journey west.

source url My mind starting to unwind and my heart beat became less anxious. I took my pen and kept writing about the things that were on my mind. This varied from a list of words to poetry. It felt good to rid myself of electrical gadgets and my phone signal was completely lost.

see Since then, I have been back to this place numerous times. This is now where I go when I need to untangle my thoughts and feel at peace with myself. Sometimes I just listen to music, other times I write poetry, but mostly I just like to be. Be in that moment, with myself, laying out my thoughts and fears and processing them one by one. I almost always feel better for doing this. I feel a clarity come over me and then I know its time to leave and make my way back home to take control.

go to site go to link Do you have a safe place? Let me know your experiences.

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