Are Marks and Spencer getting younger or am I getting older?

is M&S getting younger, or am I getting older?

online beleggen binaire opties Over the past few months, my intake of Marks and Spencer branded goods has ballooned. Jeans, food, beauty, knickers, coats and my local cafe has a lipstick stained tea cup with my name on it.

marks and spencer cafe cardiff
Marks and Spencer Cafe Culverhouse Cross Cardiff I put this down to the fact I spend a lot of time in there with my Mum, but I find myself in there alone, a lot. In fact, the other day I realised that apart from my shoes and bag, I was wearing head to toe Marks and Spencer. I was sporting a pair of blue skinny jeans, a peach lace bra, nautical t-shirt, parka jacket and of course, black granny pants. I could pretend I was wearing matching peach lacy knickers, but we all know granny pants are the only way to go on slob comfort days.

marks and spencer parka coat fur
Marks and Spencer Parka Coat with Stormwear £79 On one particularly successful trip, I managed to hit the store at the beginning of the notorious yellow sticker M&S sale. This is when items go from being in the normal sale to the incredibly-cheap-so-you-can’t-return-it-sale. It seems like a bit of a risk, but I managed to get a dress for £1.99, so I bought two of them, as you do. I also bought a lovely striped dress a size too small which I’m still waiting to fit into.

broker binäre optionen vergleich My favourite part of any M&S sale is the lingerie department. I could spend hours flicking through the bras, knickers and socks. Most of my underwear comes from the yellow sticker sale and I’m not ashamed to admit it. It’s funny that some people have less desire for sale items. If you can get something great and pay 75% less, surely you come out the hero of that story? My Sparks card has taken a battering over the past few months, so much so I’m now past all of the exciting checkpoints which open up slots for further discounts. I feel like I’ve completed Super Mario and rescued the princess. Where do I go from here?

enter I was wandering around today looking at the summer stuff and noticed their clothes have become a lot more affordable. I thought it was just me, but my sister also noticed it. The other day I bought a pair of jeans for £12 with a 20% off code. That’s pretty insane.

source link This candy cane striped shirt with frill detailing reminds me of something from a Vivienne Westwood collection and is crying out to be bought. My mum laughed at it when I proudly held it up to her. I’ll pretend that didn’t happen.

marks and spencer striped shirt red white
M&S Pure Cotton Striped Ruffle Shirt £25 The canary yellows are tempting me out of my gothic wardrobe, which is always a scary prospect. In fact, I tried on a white and yellow striped top with cute flared sleeves but I looked like I was about to take flight. marks and spencer yellow dress summer

here M&S Collection Floral Lace Asymmetric Hem Shift Midi Dress £52 (was £89)

marks and spencer yellow striped top

marks and spencer yellow striped top

M&S Collection Cotton Rich Striped Flared Sleeve T-Shirt £11 (was £15)

I’m wondering if, at 31, I’m now part of the Marks and Spencer demographic? When I was in my 20’s, I literally thought M&S was just for retired people who wore Velcro footwear and lilac cashmere.

These silver shoes, however, are anything but retiring. They’re like vintage dancing shoes heaven to me. Every time I walk past them I have to turn my face away as though I just bumped into an old lover in an awkward scenario.

marks and spencer silver sandals heels
Block Heeled Bow Front Sandals £35

It’s not that they’re expensive, but I pretty much hate walking in heels. I’ve also made a vow to myself over the past year to not buy things on a whim. After watching a few documentaries about the impact of fast fashion, consumption and minimalism it inspired me to stay mindful when I’m shopping.

I also don’t fancy sneaking them past my husband who will most definitely disapprove of such a purchase.

I did, however, buy this striped top with polka dot pocket detail today. My only other striped top now has a permanent bolognese stain smeared over it. Not really a good look.

marks and spencer nautical top polka dots tshirt
M&S Pure Cotton Striped Short Sleeve T-Shirt £12.50

So the question here is, is M&S getting younger, or am I getting older? I’d like to think we’ve met somewhere in the middle and as long as I’m not reaching for the lilac cashmere, we’re all good.

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