opciones binarias espana We’re hurtling towards December at an incredibly fast pace, and for the first time in years, I’m in the festive mood already. As a youngster, I loved Christmas but there’s no denying that as we get older Christmas can become a little less exciting and a bit more stress induced. Last year, I waited until the week before Christmas to put up my tree and I only bothered then because I had a strange sense of guilt in my belly. I kept thinking about ‘Little Leanne’ who counted down the days until we could put up the decorations. I always roped my Mum into singingRead More →

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As a carer for my Mum who has early onset dementia, I'm always thinking of ways to help brighten up her home. I love this print from Created by Magic. Click through to take a look and get 15% off your order!

click As I’ve written about previously, I’m a part-time carer for my Mum who has younger on-set dementia at 63. As well as daily caring life, I’m always trying to think of ways to keep her home bright and cheerful. Mum’s absolute favourite colour is pink, in all shade variations. From her bright pink shoes to baby pink toaster, it’s what puts a smile on her face which should always be the aim, in my humble opinion. When you’re caring for a family member who has dementia, all rhyme and reason go out of the window pretty quickly. The non-dementia version of my Mum probably wouldn’tRead More →

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miami fl dating sites Guest post by Teri Rabaiotti  I am a messy person, I’d drive my mum bonkers as a kid with my messy room and would sometimes come home from school with the contents of my room in the back garden after she’d thrown them out of the window 😉 I have periods of neat-freak-ness much to the delight of my husband, however they are short lived. I think it’s because I like to have things & stuff around me.  I blame it on my dreadfully short attention span. One minute I’ll be reading, then I’ll have urge to draw, then I’ll remember website I wanted toRead More →

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