kostenlosen demokonto Guest post by Teri Rabaiotti  I am a messy person, I’d drive my mum bonkers as a kid with my messy room and would sometimes come home from school with the contents of my room in the back garden after she’d thrown them out of the window 😉 I have periods of neat-freak-ness much to the delight of my husband, however they are short lived. I think it’s because I like to have things & stuff around me.  I blame it on my dreadfully short attention span. One minute I’ll be reading, then I’ll have urge to draw, then I’ll remember website I wanted toRead More →


binäre optionen bewertung Sadhguru isn’t trying to be the messiah; he’s not promoting religious beliefs or attempting to convert people to some profitable cult (which is what some ignorant journalists would have you believe) – he is just offering an alternative to living in anger, sadness, fear and disappointment. He is inspiring people to look inside themselves, to work on their ‘inner engineering’ – to get the most of this life we have been blessed with.Read More →


hombre soltero facebook I don’t want to embrace or encourage my unhealthy issues with food but I also don’t want to demonise myself for having them in the first place. Did you catch the documentary on Channel 4 called Plus Size Wars this week? It left me sat uncomfortably on the fence. I’ve written a post for Welldoing.org about my personal experiences and views. I feel like mental well-being has been left out of the equation. Click on the link below to be directed to my post: http://welldoing.org/article/how-channel-4s-plus-size-wars-misses-point/  (Image: Tess Holliday)Read More →

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elenco piattaforme opzioni binarie I choose to do a Sadhguru book review as his words have been a comfort to me of late. I wanted to share that with others who may gain the same kind of help from reading it. So I decided to combine my first ever book review with my first ever YouTube video. I really enjoyed the process of making the video and discussing my thoughts on the book Don’t Polish Your Ignorance it May Shine by Sadhguru. Click the link below and take a listen. Let me know your thoughts. Sadhguru Book ReviewRead More →

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