Vero has the potential to be the next big player in social media. We're bored of advertising, algorithms and being forced to look at the content we're not interested in on Facebook and Instagram. It's time for a shakeup. Is Vero (True Social) the answer?

A couple of months ago I deleted Instagram. I’d simply had enough. I’d had enough of the algorithm from hell, missing my friends’ posts as they weren’t deemed important enough and also that it was extremely difficult to connect with potential readers. Let’s not forget how vapid it’s become, too. If I saw one more picture of a carefully manicured hand, with an expensive watch strewn across an Audi steering wheel I was going to lose my mind. Instagram Instagram was the underdog when it began. A place for people who liked taking photos and wanted to share them with the world. Now, it’s aRead More →

Let me start by stating that I’m overweight. Since January I’ve lost two stone, mainly due to illness and an inability to eat. Some of that weight has been lost through diet and exercise. Even after shedding two stone, I’m still overweight and I have a way to go. Weight is a hot topic and it always will be. Anyone can throw in their two cents whether they’re overweight, underweight, normal weight, they’ve lost weight or gained it. First-hand experience with weight issues doesn’t seem to be a factor when TV shows hire guest speakers or spats break out on Twitter. Everyone has an opinionRead More →

Instagram: I don’t want to go back to midnight scrolling in bed. It perpetuates my feeble obsession with acceptance from others, which is never a good thing. Click through to find out how I'm cutting down on social media going foward and prioritising my workload.

I’ve just had a couple of nights away with friends in the countryside and I chose to give myself a much needed digital detox.  I disabled notifications for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Telegram, WhatsApp and WordPress on Sunday morning and I don’t have any desire to turn them back on. My original plan was to get back to normal yesterday but I couldn’t bring myself to do it out of fear of becoming trapped again. I’ve had a quick browse through the usual suspects but the thought of being back on it 24/7 is kind of terrifying.  I’m sure for those who use social mediaRead More →

Cycle Republic have conducted a survey of 500 cyclists in the UK to find out why they ride, how safe they feel and how well equipped they are. Click through for more

I’d spend hours pretending my bike was a car as a child. I’d sit in imaginary traffic and indicate left or right with my arms while waving to the invisible car in front of me. Playing ‘drive-thru’ at the kitchen window was one of my favourite games, much to my Mum’s enjoyment (or annoyance?) Colourful tassels flowed from the handles as neon Spokey Dokey’s amplified a satisfying ping-pong sound, while my tootsies peddled with joy around the back garden. One day, my magical bike got a puncture in the back tyre. Mum said she’d get it fixed, but it sat outside rusting away as the winter wickedlyRead More →

Just two months before my 11th Birthday, the Spice girls released ‘Wannabe’ which hit me like a tonne of platform shoes. They were, quite simply, life. I was flicking through music channels at my Mum’s house the other day. I don’t watch TV at home, so it’s always a rare treat to see what’s playing on Magic or Vintage. ‘Too Much’ by the Spice Girls came on which gave me a nostalgic giddiness only music from my childhood can. It was their second Christmas number one, and anyone who lives in the UK knows what a coveted trophy that it is. That year, I had Spice GirlsRead More →

I've always loved the concept of driving from a young age - Here are 5 reasons why I love my simplistic car. Click through for embarassing photos of me as a child.

When I passed my driving test it was one of the best days of my life. I didn’t know it back then, but it would open the doors to so much adventure and freedom that life without a car just wouldn’t permit. I was always a little obsessed with the concept of driving, from a very young age. I’d tip my toy cars onto the floor and play ‘traffic’. Yes, I’d pretend I was sat in traffic and carefully move each car along in the queue one by one. Even Barbie wasn’t safe from this humdrum existence. I had a wonderful pink Jeep that I’dRead More →

Instead of being embarrassed about my prematurely grey hair, I'm confessing to the world that I've got them and they're annoying, but that's life. Click through to find out more, including some products to try.

I began to notice a pesky grey hair or two around five years back. At first, I thought I was seeing things. I was in my twenties, how could I possibly be going grey? When I took a closer look, the truth revealed itself to me. I was going grey. Shit. It started out as a couple of stray hairs around the classic edges of the face. I was so embarrassed, it was like a dirty little secret. As usual, we’re not told in glamorous magazines and on beautifully curated Instagram feeds the truth about, well, anything. All that we’re fed is an ‘ideal’ andRead More →

As I stood at my Mum’s kitchen window frantically applying my makeup, it suddenly dawned on me that I’d left my black liquid eyeliner at home. This was an actual catastrophe. Massive. Huge. I was just about to head off to a singing job and I couldn’t possibly do it without my cat eye. My hands jumped into my make up bag as I hunted around for my little pot of Kiko Lasting Gel Eyeliner which I have come to love. It wasn’t there, and neither was my tiny but precise Real Techniques detail brush. In my mad panic to get out of the house onRead More →