go site I have written another post for Welldoing.org about using songwriting as a self help tool and to help overcome depression. I also talk about how I have used song writing in the past for mending relationships. This an extremely helpful and insightful website full of information, advice and a unique therapist directory which was founded by Louise Chunn who has been Editor at some really prominent magazines such as Good Housekeeping, Psychologies and In Style. Louise was also features editor and deputy editor at Vogue for part of the nineties, so as an ex-fashion student, this is a pretty exciting fact. Louise’s experience speaks for itself, so it’sRead More →


http://madanha.ir/aribos/arini/1159 I choose to do a Sadhguru book review as his words have been a comfort to me of late. I wanted to share that with others who may gain the same kind of help from reading it. So I decided to combine my first ever book review with my first ever YouTube video. I really enjoyed the process of making the video and discussing my thoughts on the book Don’t Polish Your Ignorance it May Shine by Sadhguru. Click the link below and take a listen. Let me know your thoughts. Sadhguru Book ReviewRead More →

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http://fgsk.de/?kraevid=was-sind-bin%C3%A4re-optionen&d86=95 Today I have been faced with obnoxious bus stop adverts for multiple stores, promoting their January sales. I have just read a text message from Bannatynes Gym, offering me membership for a £1 joining fee and have skimmed through countless Facebook posts celebrating 2014 and reminding me that 2015 is going to be even better. This is all before eight thirty in the morning, two days before New Year’s Day. Is our obsession with the concept of the ‘New Year’ and all that comes with it, healthy? The prices of Christmas themed gift sets come down but our expectations of ourselves go up. I’m notRead More →

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