<strong>HILAROS</strong> is a place of encouragement for those of us who feel slightly left of centre and for those who find maintaining consistent creativity a struggle in the 'real world'.

HILAROS is for people who can often feel sadness and isolation, even when surrounded by their nearest and dearest.

HILAROS recognises the connection between creativity, sensitivity and darkness but we fly the flag for positivity and self control. 

We are powerful and we can create our own reality, without giving into someone else’s version of it.

    <p><strong>HILAROS</strong> features a wide range of content from opinion pieces, to beauty reviews because we believe humans are complex beings who can philosophise about life and care about a lipstick in equal measure.</p>        
    <p style="text-align: left;"><strong>Leanne Brookes</strong>

I originally created my blog in 2014 as a form of self-expression while going through depression for the first time. 

Since then, I’ve used it as a way to connect with others, develop my writing style and document my topsy turvy relationship with health, weight and anxiety.

I’ve come a long way, personally, since the beginning and I decided it was time to change it up and focus on both the meaningful and frivolous aspects of life.

I’ve always felt a sense of disconnect with the ‘normalities’ of life. I’m an extremely sensitive soul and if I don’t create, I don’t do well in my head.






All blog posts are written by Leanne Brookes, unless otherwise stated.


I will always clearly define any sponsored posts or affiliate links and I only work with brands/products I trust and have a genuine interest in.

If I’m reviewing a product that has been sent to me free of charge, I will clearly disclose this in the blog post. This is the same for events when I have received free tickets.

I will only give my true and honest opinion.


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