Area: Birchgrove
Address: 25-27 Pantbach Road, CF14 1TU)
Parking: On street parking


Full Body Massage

Price: £45 for 1 hour


Aurora is nestled in a residential suburb of Birchgrove in the North of Cardiff. Those familiar with Whitchurch and the surrounding areas will undoubtedly find their way with ease, if not, you may need some help from your sat nav or Google maps.

There’s on-street parking which can get busy, but I had no problem finding a space a little further up the road. I gave Whitchurch village a quick visit beforehand. You could make an afternoon of it. There’s an abundance of charity shops, cafes and other village delights.

Upon entering, Aurora feels quite small. I perched myself on a leather sofa while I waited for Jade, my massage therapist, to collect me. The nail station is sat opposite the front windows. It was quiet, with just one lady, a regular I assumed, having her nails done by the friendly nail technician who chatted and caught up on recent events.

I was taken out towards the back and I was surprised at how large it appeared. It was definitely not what I was expecting. Looks can be deceiving.

I was taken to treatment room 4, which was spacious and dimly lit. It was the perfect space for a massage, especially for someone like me who gets a little claustrophobic and anxious about stripping down to my knickers. Surroundings are really important to me, and while the room wasn’t particularly luxurious, it was a no fuss space which made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The ‘spa’ music also helps.

I popped my belongings into a designated wardrobe and I slipped underneath the soft grey towel on the massage bed. The second I rested my face into the hole in the bed, I was ready to switch off.

I opted for a full body massage. God knows I needed it.

For the first time in my life, I’m going to the gym. I aim to go five days a week, with a combination of cardio and strength training. Even though the exercising itself has really helped my aches and pains, I definitely still feel the tension in my muscles and I was excited at the prospect of someone digging into my thighs.

Jade asked if I had any particular areas of concern. I mentioned my lower back problems. In November of last year, it completely collapsed. I could barely move or sleep. I had Physiotherapy and saw an Osteopath. Since visiting the gym and losing over two stone, it’s beginning to ease up but I still get jolts of pain every now and then depending on what I’m doing at the time.

The massage on my back was great, not too aggressive but also not too soft. I was there to relax, as well as have my kinks ironed out after all.

When Jade made her way to my shoulders, I could feel the crunch. I swear I could hear the knots being unraveled, especially in my right shoulder. I’d been having some pain there for about a week, mainly due to the fact that I keep sleeping on my back with my arm above my head. I wake up in agony in the night with a numb arm and feel the ache during the day making its way through my arm and shoulder muscles.

I’d had back massages previously, but never a full body. My legs really needed it. I’ve been putting them through the ringer lately. They’re not used to exercising and now they’re gaining muscle, which is keeping me feeling strong but it’s also a big change for my body.

I felt really taken care of during the massage and Jade was very friendly with a calming vibe.

Aurora offers many massage treatments, from full body to back and shoulders, Thai foot massage to stress busters.

Aside from spa type treatments, they also offer loads of beauty treatments. In fact, they’ve been announced as finalists at the 2018 Welsh Hair and Beauty Awards.

Nails, eyebrow threading, eyelash extensions, waxing, tanning, ear piercing, make-up, weaves, and non-surgical facial toning is just skimming the surface of what’s on the Aurora menu.

I think if I was looking for something a bit more aggressive and targeted, I’d opt for a sports massage in the future. However, I enjoyed my 60 minutes of ‘me time’, and it was therapeutic for my body and helped me to switch off, which is not an easy thing to do.

Disclaimer: I received a 50% discount for my treatment but this does not affect my opinions or views. All opinions are my own. 

Copyright: All photos and imagery owned by Leanne Brookes of Hilaros.co.uk

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