I wasn’t planning on writing a review of The Dough Thrower, but as soon as we sat down and I ordered a red wine, I had a feeling a post might follow.

I grew up in Victoria Park, which others may call Canton, but I was always pretty adamant Victoria Park was an area in itself. Who knows if that’s true?

The string of shops opposite the main entrance to the park was never particularly interesting growing up. Victoria Park, in general, didn’t have much going for it apart from the park itself, an outdoor swimming pool that gave me the creeps and the legend of Billy the Seal.

Skip forward and it’s a thriving little community with a tempting bakery, traditional (aka. posh) fish and chips, a vegetarian Indian restaurant and a health and wellness clinic.

I moved back to Victoria Park after a few years living in Roath and Whitchurch. If I can help it, I don’t think I’ll ever leave again. I have so many memories here, it’s my home.

The Dough Thrower


When I noticed The Dough Thrower under construction, I became pretty excited. Who doesn’t love pizza? and to have it this close to my front door was a thrilling prospect.

We visited on an extremely rainy, windy Saturday evening at the beginning of December to celebrate my Sister’s birthday.

Upon arrival, I was taken aback by how cosy it felt. From the outside, I thought it might be a little claustrophobic but our table was spacious and comfortable. The twinkly lights, wooden interiors and warmth gave us some much-needed solace from the wet winter night.

I ordered a glass of red wine, of course. I was surprised at the size of the thing, very pleasantly surprised considering it was only £4! You could say I was seduced by the grapes of the Gods before any food entered my mouth and you’d be absolutely right.

Meatballs and Los Pollos

I shared The Dough Thrower’s Meatballs with my husband as a starter. If I was seduced by the red wine, after taken a bite out of this perfectly juicy, beef, pork and pancetta meatball with sprinklings of parmesan and a heartwarming marinara sauce, there was no turning back. My relationship with this modest pizzeria was about to take off.

Let’s get to the main attraction; the pizza. After much deliberation, I opted for the Los Pollos. A combination of pulled chicken thigh, mozzarella, edam and spinach. I’d never heard of edam on a pizza before now, call me ignorant. Although I have fond memories of edam as a child, and as soon as I spotted the words ‘pulled chicken thigh’ I was all over this Los Pollos like a fly on sh… you get the idea.

The dough was magnificently puffed up at the edges, golden brown and the thickness, just right. I was shocked at the size, considering the modest price. I’ve been to so many restaurants where the price doesn’t reflect the food, I guess I’m jaded.

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When I felt the drool building up inside my mouth, I decided I better get eating, instead of staring at everyone else’s pizzas in amazement.

Confessional time. I eat pizza with a knife and fork. Not always, but if it’s a particular thickness, with heavy toppings, I just want to save myself the hassle of slicing it up and getting it all over my clothes, because that will happen. Trust me.

It was simply delicious. Delectably moist pulled chicken on top of a base of fresh, smooth marinara sauce and the amount of cheese was just right for me, with some excellent cheese pulling action.

I couldn’t finish it all, despite how much I tried and trust me, I tried.

The Dough Thrower: Yes or No?

We had a great evening and the food was undeniably tasty. They have it so right at The Dough Thrower. The prices are friendly and the food is generous without being excessive in size.

Will I go back? I was due to go back in January for another family birthday but I had to stay home due to sickness, which killed me. I’m still on the mend, even now but as soon as my appetite is back in full swing I’ll be waltzing through those doors with anticipation and elation, and I highly suggest you take a trip to Victoria Park to try it out for yourself.

Disclaimer: I started writing this before I become sick over January and February and concluded it today. This post is not sponsored and all food was paid for by myself and guests.

All photos © Hilaros – Please get in touch if you’d like to use any.

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