We’re hurtling towards December at an incredibly fast pace, and for the first time in years, I’m in the festive mood already. As a youngster, I loved Christmas but there’s no denying that as we get older Christmas can become a little less exciting and a bit more stress induced.

Last year, I waited until the week before Christmas to put up my tree and I only bothered then because I had a strange sense of guilt in my belly. I kept thinking about ‘Little Leanne’ who counted down the days until we could put up the decorations. I always roped my Mum into singing along to loud Christmas tunes while hanging up ten-year-old tinsel which had traces of hardened blu-tac attached to the ends.

This year, I’m feeling it. I can’t put my finger on why, but the little pleasures of Christmas are getting me all excited. Pigs in blankets, toasty socks, hot chocolate and snuggling under the duvet watching Purple Rain with my husband.

I first felt the pang of Christmas cheer when I was invited along to have a guided tour of the John Lewis Christmas Shop in Cardiff.

Before stepping foot into the winter wonderland of baubles, trees, and festive cheer, I wasn’t really on the Christmas train. When I was finished, Santa had grabbed me by the collar and injected my veins with glitter and gingerbread.

This year, John Lewis have developed their Christmas themes to represent different regions of the world. They’re selling beautifully crafted, traditional decorations, but they’re also flying the flag for unique and imaginative ideas.

Each theme is inspired by the fables and traditions of a particular country or region – Dan Copper (Christmas Buyer)

Here’s a look at the key themes for Christmas at John Lewis. I’ve also put together a gift guide to fit each theme, to give you some ideas for yourself or a loved one.


In the central square of a quaint town, a Christmas tree glitters with a welcoming glow. As the bells ring out to announce the season, people rush along the cobbled streets to gather in celebration. Carols fill the air to tell you with no uncertainty that this is Christmas, and this is Folklore.

Folklore Gift Guide

Winter Palace

An old Russian folktale inspires this collection which beckons you into a beautiful palace. Nestled between snowy mountains and fir forests, it’s filled with glittering, luxurious treasures at every turn

Winter Palace Gift Guide

Into The Woods

Come join the magical creatures of the forest for a spell-binding Christmas. Our Into the Woods collection draws you into a world of beauty and craft; abundant, embellished and enchanted.

Into The Woods Gift Guide

Highland Myths

Take to the hills for a cosy Christmas inspired by the rugged landscape of the Highlands. Create winter warmth with a relaxed interior that celebrates Scottish heritage and craftsmanship.

Hyland Myths Gift Guide

Lima Llama

Let your imagination take a trek through the Andes, home of the much-revered llama. Discover bright and beautiful handicrafts, inspired by Peruvian traditions, food and art.

Lima Llama Gift Guide

Hope you’ve found some inspiration from the John Lewis Christmas themes this year! What’s your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

 I’ve curated the gift guide as a way to inspire ideas, I haven’t tried them myself. Please keep this in mind. I’ve used affiliate links, so I may make a small commission if you purchase something. You don’t have to use my links though if you feel uncomfortable doing so, just head over to the John Lewis site. Thanks 🙂 

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