I’ve been fiddling around on Facebook for an hour, trying to think of something to write. Inspiration is a funny old thing, and what can appear to be a mentally slow day can quickly turn into an onslaught of motivational thought patterns, and eventually, a blog post.

I’ve been pretty overwhelmed recently, which is all my own doing. Last night, after a ten hour day writing, editing, tweeting, Instagramming, promoting, replying to emails and generally being on, I turned my MacBook off. You’d think I’d breathe a sigh of relief, relax and unwind, but I just felt defeated. I felt like I had so much more I wanted to do and that I’d failed in some way.

I physically couldn’t have done anymore yesterday, so what’s with all the unrealistic pressure?

I think I’ve finally found that magic ‘drive’ that everyone’s always talking about. I think this is the first time I’ve truly had it. I never thought I’d say, ‘there are not enough hours in the day’. Usually, I’d like the extra hours so I could lie around watching Buffy re-runs in my dressing gown, but now it’s different.

Now I’m upset that I can’t write a couple more posts, find work as a freelance writer, capture and edit photos, connect with more people and have time to watch Buffy.

Is this pressure healthy? Probably not. Perhaps if I try and find the right balance of hard work and self-care, it could be the healthiest I’ve ever felt emotionally.

Why? because I’ve finally scratched the itch that’s kept me frustrated for so many years.



1: an expression or manifestation of ecstasy or passion

noun rap·ture \ ˈrap-chər \

This make-up look was inspired by a feeling of adrenaline and excitement I had after a day spent being creative.


Since I can remember I’ve loved to write, create and have always been a bit of a shy and introverted exhibitionist at heart.

When I was around ten, I’d write and put together my own pop magazines. I’ve loved observing and writing about feelings, people and society as a whole since as young as thirteen. When I went to college I’d write about the wrong’s I saw around me. Eventually, I produced my own punk rock fanzine with an ex-boyfriend. I’ve been interviewing bands since I was 16, always harboring a sincere intrigue in artists and creative people who aren’t afraid of the limelight.

When I studied fashion marketing at university, I focused on fashion writing and incorporated social commentary into my visual projects. I wrote for fashion and mental health websites and I’ve always had my own stash of thoughts inside numerous notepads and on printed out sheets of paper.

I’ve been blogging since 2014, but it’s only now that I’ve been able to see a future and a purpose in it. All of the technical shit that goes along with running a blog, I actually find interesting. I can’t sleep sometimes for thoughts of interview ideas, articles and the future of my blog.

So why has it taken me so long? because self-doubt is a fucking killer.

It kills inspiration, confidence, self-awareness, creative energy, and spirit.

Self-doubt held me captive in a dusty and dark tomb surrounded by all of my insecurities. If I let them, my insecurities talk to me and wickedly tell me I’m not good enough. They whisper into my ear about how no one cares what I’ve got to say, that I’m too sensitive and introverted to put myself out there for all to see.

The ghosts of self-doubt haunt me each and every day, but I try really hard not to listen.

I’ve wasted a lot of my life being scared. I could sit here and say, “Oh, it’s not a waste, it’s made me who I am today” and yeah, that’s true, but it’s also just a massive waste of life.


Now, as a 32-year-old grown woman, I wish to urge you never to give up on your dreams and passions. Listen to your gut, and do what makes you genuinely happy inside. What gets you grinning from ear to ear? What gives you that buzz that only inspired adrenaline can? because whatever it is, that’s whats going to get you through life.

It doesn’t have to be a life-changing, money-making scheme. It can just be a hobby. What fills your heart with warmth?

We spend so much of our lives doing what we ‘have to’ or ‘should do’ that it leaves little time for what we actually ‘want to do’ and I get it, life happens. I don’t have any kids to worry about, outside of my caring duties for my Mum, I’m footloose and fancy-free. I have no idea what it’s like to have little humans running around. But it’s because I’ve never felt as though I’ve given my passions a fair chance, that I haven’t had kids. I don’t want to regret anything or feel even more stressed out than I do now.

My aim is to be a full-time writer, and this blog is an excellent way to document my journey through writing. I love it, I genuinely love it. I didn’t start it for monetary gain, I do it because if I don’t, I don’t feel fulfilled.

I don’t feel driven every day, sometimes I can’t find the point in it all. But I know that’s self-doubt talking.

Self-doubt is a killer, don’t let it kill your passions.


How do you battle thoughts of self-doubt? Let me know in the comments below!

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18 thoughts on “Don’t Let Self-Doubt Kill Your Passions”

  1. When faced with self-doubt, I keep myself bombarded with praise & worship songs and I listen to some spiritual speakers that lifts my spirit high! Of course there are times I get up and make up! I look at the mirror and put on the make up and remind myself of who I am. Thank you for this brave post!

    God Bless!
    JM Kayne | #InMyHeart♥

  2. I love how you’re able to express yourself through your blog and also your makeup. I’m so guilty of fallen victim to my own self-doubt. Sometimes, I set the bar too for myself and become critical when I’ve set a goal that I know I can’t achieve. I’ve made an effort to start setting small, realistic goals and also by keeping a journal. On days when I’m feeling down or doubtful, I can always reflect on what I’ve accomplished.

  3. I like writing for leisure, however sometimes I feel like writing for my blog is a chore. Though I may not be the best, I strive to have fresh content that inspires others and that would be my motivation to keep going.

    xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  4. I found my confidence in an unusual place, but I am so glad I did. It was through gymnastics I realized I could do more than I ever imagined. Once I overcame a few physical hurdles, the rest was mental. It’s amazing how confident it has made me in other areas of my life as well.

  5. I have loved writing for since I can remember but I never had the courage to show it people because self doubt was so strong that it blurred my passion, I am still struggling with it now but not as much. I needed to read this, if you started in 2014 and you have just figured all out now then I still have a chance, actually everybody does. Thank you for sharing, Keep doing the good work plus I love these pictures 🙂

  6. I completely agree with this post. Self-doubt is such a challenging emotion to overcome. I am a 19 year old blogger (Sparkofthoughts.com) so I know what it’s like to be doubtful. It isn’t easy to go against societies norms, but if we all just take the leap of faith towards our passions, the world would be a happier place!

  7. The way I overcome self-doubt is through prayer and meditation. In talking to God, I am able to immediately get over my fears and trust in Him. Through this, I know there is nothing I cannot achieve! I also set goals and take things a day at a time 🙂

  8. Wonderful post. I love how raw it was. It really spoke to me. I face self doubt often because of where I am in life, where I want to be, failed relationship etc. I have found positive affirmations help. Every morning I write one and date it and post it on my closet door. I’m hoping to look back on it in a year and see my progress.

  9. You’re amazing! I definitely relate to that feeling of self-doubt when it comes to the thing that’s most important to you. It really does hold you back and can stop you from producing some pretty amazing things! But you definitely just have to keep pushing through and realizing that mistakes and screw ups need to come first in order to have true success with whatever it is you want to achieve! You’re gonna go places, beautiful! You got this!

  10. I see self doubt as a predominant problem that most women have. The way I overcome self-doubt is to remember why I became a business owner in the first place. It’s my passion!

  11. I rarely ever feel “self doubt”. But if I ever do – I know it will pass and I never let it affect my ambitions in life, because I know what I am on this earth to do. It’s challenging to achieve it, but since when is life actually EASY?

  12. I wish there was an easy cure to self doubt! I just try to keep moving forward and think about the positives rather than the negatives. Keep doing your thing! If you love writing than I think blogging is a great outlet 🙂

  13. Totally agree with you. I do self-esteem coaching and for me personally and for my clients over the last 15 years, when you heal your self-worth you can live the life of your dreams. Kx

  14. Self-doubt is something I know I struggle with. With blogging, I’ll find myself subconsciously doing things that would hinder progress like sleeping more and procrastinating. I need to believe in myself more.

  15. I believe self-care is a great way to improve self-love. Making time for yourself and looking after yourself aswell as working your blog and working towards your goals is the perfect combination 💗

  16. I am in the same age group and I am battling with the same thing. What I do to try and take steps to overcome this, is I keep on going against my mind and my comfort zone and do things even though they are not perfect. I am also taking some time to care for myself!

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