I’m a little ashamed to admit that I think I’ve got a problem. I can’t seem to put down my phone. I know this isn’t a rarity because more and more of us are becoming addicted to the little world we hold in our hands.

Usually, it wouldn’t worry me so much but I’m having a few days off work and going on a mini break with friends and I’m panicking about my blog. I’m worried that if I’m not posting, writing and constantly checking Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that when I get back all of my hard work will have gone to shit.

Do they sound like the thoughts of a crazy person?

This is such a first world problem, I’m aware, but I work so hard on my blog every single day, for hours at a time. So the thought of having a few days off and not checking in leaves me feeling a little panicked.

You see, bloggers have to be on, constantly, especially if you’re trying to build something from the ground up. I probably should have been wiser with my time and scheduled blog posts but I’ve been practising for a wedding I’m singing at and generally just busy with life.

I'm having a digital detox for a couple of days and the prospect scares me. I think I've got an unhealthy obsession with my phone.

I’m currently reading ‘Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions’ by Russell Brand, I’m only into chapter two so I can’t really give you any sort of review just yet but so far, so good. Although Russell battled with drug, drink and sex addiction, the book can be effective for anyone who feels unhealthily drawn to things like food, porn, social media etc.

I have to put my hand up and say I think I’m a little addicted to my phone.

A couple of weekends ago I felt really wired from such a hectic week and a shit load of hours spent on my laptop. I made a deal with myself that when 7 pm hit, my phone was taking a timeout in another room. I just wanted to enjoy the rest of the evening with my husband.

When he’d go to the toilet, make a cup of tea or generally leave me on my own for more than 30 seconds I’d reach for my iPhone and then realise it wasn’t there. I was so edgy, bored and restless when I had nothing to do. What did we do in those moments before phones?

I'm having a digital detox for a couple of days and the prospect scares me. I think I've got an unhealthy obsession with my phone.

It was actually hard for me, and I think that’s when I realised I needed to take a step back. The problem is when you spend a large portion of your day writing on a laptop, promoting your work on social media and connecting with people through online networks it’s really hard to turn it off and forget about it. It’s always in the back of my mind no matter what.

I think in one way it’s healthy because it shows I have drive and passion for what I do, but I do think it goes past a positive interest into a negative obsession.

I can’t even imagine just clocking in and out at specific times. Some nights I’m still tapping away until midnight, resulting in a shit nights sleep. I know it’s not sustainable. A big part of it comes from a lack of organisation. When you first start out blogging or building a website, there’s no formula for success. You get out what you put in, so the natural instinct is to put in a lot, to quickly reap the rewards. Realistically, if my body allowed, I could work on my blog 24 hours a day and there’d still be so much more I wanted to do with it because the sky is the limit.

I'm having a digital detox for a couple of days and the prospect scares me. I think I've got an unhealthy obsession with my phone.

I think I need to have a stern word with myself, and try to introduce a more structured and disciplined routine.

Holidays or time away, especially with friends, is not a regularity in my life. I really need to embrace my time and that means a genuine digital detox. I told myself I’d still use Instagram, but I think I need to just turn off mobile data and wi-fi and go cold turkey. I want to relax, have fun and live in the moment and I can’t do that when I’ve got one eye on my phone.

Wish me luck!

Please tell me I’m not alone and you have experienced this at some point? Let me know in the comments below & I’ll give them a read when I’m back!

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  1. I think we all can relate! I’m working on starting a semi detox tomorrow as well. I think having that healthy balance even when trying to grow your blog is so necessary

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