I spend a lot of time in Marks and Spencer, mainly because as a carer for my Mum its close to her house and a familiar setting for her. After our Monday morning coffee, we always have a wander through the clothes, shoes and bag departments.

I was getting pretty bored of seeing the same old stuff left over from Summer, so when the new season collections began to arrive, it was a welcomed change. I spotted a display of red items, which if you read my recent post about how red is the colour of the season, you’ll know how much I’ve been craving all red everything.



I spotted a red bag and it was love at first sight. The perfect size, a true bright red with gold hardware and a convenient adjustable strap. As I skulked over to it like a hungry lion stalking an elegant and dopey gazelle, I noticed the price tag. It was £79 and I let out a sigh of disappointment. Knowing full well I wasn’t going to buy the bag, I still picked it up to have a play. Now I was an orca, having a mess around with a seal with no intention of eating it.

I felt how supple the leather was and knew this bag would stand the test of time. I have a ‘one bag a year rule’, which I thought would be really hard to stick too but actually, its worked out pretty well for me.


Marks and Spencer - Autograph Collection - Red Leather Across Body Bag - £79
Marks and Spencer – Autograph Collection – Red Leather Across Body Bag – £79


I danced around in the mirror with it on my shoulder, explaining to my Mum why I needed it as she looked on in boredom. I placed the bag back on the table and sashayed away.

My Birthday rolled around and with it came some much loved birthday money. I didn’t want to spend it all on this one bag, so I attempted, unsuccessfully, to hunt down a similar bag with a smaller price tag. It just wasn’t happening. I couldn’t think of any other bag. This was the one, the love of my life and the bag I wanted to commit to for the next year, at the very least.


Vintage Levi’s jacket, Shirt & trousers M&S, Boots H&M



I checked my emails on my Birthday and noticed a message from M&S with a 20% off coupon. I knew this was my moment to go in for the kill, so I rocked up to M&S early in the morning, Sparks app in hand and picked up my prize. As the sales assistant processed the transaction, I stood justifying my actions to her, “oh you know, I’m using birthday money and I have 20% off. I can’t find anything else like it and its the perfect size” – I’ve been that sales assistant before, she was probably just thinking “jog on love, I don’t care” as she proceeded, sensing my vulnerability with money, to try and sell me a credit card. I declined, graciously.

I kept the receipt, just in case I had a pang of regret, but that’s never going to happen. This bag truly is everything I wanted for my annual handbag purchase. Vibrant in colour, a satisfyingly floppy leather which will age with grace and charm and a perfect size for both day and night.



Some may be thinking, “calm it, love, it was only £79,” but to me, that’s a lot of money. Being a carer for a family member provides me with emotional riches, but the pay ain’t exactly keeping me in designer wears. Plus, as I’ve aged I’m a lot more careful with my money and I tend to think before I spend. I lived a life of credit cards and debt before now, and I’m not going back.



I’d like to thank my Grandma and Mother-in-law for helping me capture my prey with their birthday generosity. M&S, thank you for your impeccable marketing skills and knowing 20% off would get me through the door in an instant.


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15 thoughts on “I Found My Annual Handbag and It’s Beautifully Bright Red”

    1. It’s great, isn’t it? I find that because I know it’s the only bag that I’m buying for the next year, I spend my time choosing it and ultimately love it so much more than if I bought numerous, cheaper ones. It’s the way forward! Plus, saving money is always a bonus. XX

  1. Wow, I love that pop of red it gives you and the details are so gorgeous. I don’t blame you for going back and no regrets because that is a keeper for this season, next season, and way beyond. Happy birthday to you- what a great way to remember growing another year wiser ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I love a red bag too and have been looking for one to add to my birthday wish list! I wonder if i can get the miss selfridge one here in the states it ‘s my favorite! 🙂

  3. You are so adorable dancing around with the bag on your shoulder to see how it works. It is a beautiful red bag, perfect for the season and I’m sure you will get many use and compliments from it.

    xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  4. Yes, this bag is so cool! Red colour is so trendy this season, everyone should has something red! I have already bought red shoes, now I have to follow your recommendations and buy the red bag!

  5. I love this bag! I have a red Cambridge Satchel that I absolutely adore. You and your bag were meant to be with the voucher appearing! It’s fate!!

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