Red has always been my favourite colour, so when I spotted it’s the colour for Autumn Winter 2017, I did a little happy dance. Not because the fashion Gods have allowed me to wear it, I don’t play by those rules, but because it ultimately means all of the shops will be stocking it.

I wear a lot of black, which one might assume is because I like to blend into the background. Either that or because I grew up in the naughties nu-metal scene. I think both are probably true to an extent.

Black suits everyone, it’s chic and unassuming and it also feeds my appetite for dramatic darkness.

But let’s get something straight, I love colour. Bright, garish, happy, hard to look at, and on the verge of offensive colour. I just don’t wear much of it. I guess a uniform of black with the odd colour thrown in here and there is both easy and also budget friendly. A black bag will serve me far more than a bright yellow one ever could, and I don’t have money to burn.

Red shoes, or more specifically boots, are currently on my wish list. I’d love a pair of leather ankle boots in bright red with some gold hardware and a tiny heel. I’m in love with the boots found at Fendi, Miu Miu and Petar Petrov and the cuteness of the Chloe mary-janes have got me refreshing all online shopping apps awaiting something similar to spring up.

Autumn Winter 2017 is all red everything. Shades vary, and I love both ends of the spectrum and everything in between. From orange brights to the deepest of berries.

I’m giddy at the daring, in your face head to toe red outfits seen on the streets and on the runway in Paris and Milan. A monochromatic look is a bold one. I love when an outfit is the same shade of red throughout, but also if the shades vary slightly to give extra dimension. I’m loving the idea of an all red outfit with a black t-shirt or a differing colour on the feet, as seen below.

Am I going to wear head to toe red? probably not. I can’t see me being comfortable enough to don a pair of red trousers anytime soon, perhaps instead a red leather skirt or dark red jeans.

Red accessories, get on me. Handbags, hats, belts, scarves and gloves. It’s a great way to add in the red trend, without completely committing your wardrobe to it. I’ve just bought a red bag I’ve been lusting over, so look out for a future post about that.

What I love about red is the multitude of emotional representations it conjures up. Danger and sex to love and devotion. The various shades of red can make you feel confident and empowered, delicate or opulent. That’s why red is my favourite lipstick shade because it instantly gives me an ‘I got this’ vibe even on the bleakest of days.

Red will forever be my favourite colour long after the trend has died down but I’ll rinse it while I can.

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