I’ve been sat here for a good hour trying to write a blog. I’ve thought of four different topics, stared at the screen for minutes on end and ate way too many mini poppadoms without even thinking about it through sheer frustration.

When my heads going a million miles a minute, writing something constructive which requires brain power and a solid plan is almost impossible.

Netflix Thriller ‘Gypsy’ starring Naomi Watts

I finally settled on writing a review of the Netflix TV show, ‘Gypsy’ starring Naomi Watts. I searched for it on Google so I could pull up some facts and noticed it has already been cancelled, just six weeks after its premiere. There goes that idea.

There’s not much point writing a review of a show that’s not going to continue. I must have been the only sucker that liked it. Although my husband watched it with me, I was never truly convinced he was enjoying it.

Gypsy was a slow burner and it was a pretty subtle TV show full of character nuances and stretched out plot twists that were actually pretty ridiculous. Perhaps in the day and age of jump-out-of-your-seat-cliff-hangers, sex and violence; it failed to capture the attention of a Netflix audience.

I enjoyed it for its subtle tone. Not all TV has to be edgy, crazy and mind bending. Gypsy depicted the life of a woman who was stuck in the past and unhappy in her present. This is a theme many women can surely relate to, but the extremity of the storyline is hopefully one that is unrelatable.

Jean Holloway: Therapist and Sociopath

Jean Holloway (Naomi Watts) is a therapist who deviously places herself within her patient’s lives, stirring up shit in the process. Her suburban life with her lawyer husband and child isn’t satisfying her need for drama or sexual ambiguity.

While I may not be a sociopathic therapist or live in a mansion in Connecticut, I can relate to the attempts of hanging on to an alternative life. These feelings are usually present during times of stress, family turmoil or when depression comes to play.

My imagination is wild and I can submerge myself into a mind and body that’s not my own. I want to disengage with me and pretend to be someone else for a little bit. It’s a dangerous place and at times, hurtful. Having the strength of mind to pull me out is key. Self-awareness and talking myself down from certain situations is a skill I’ve developed slowly and am developing more every day.

In Gypsy, Jean held on to her small studio apartment in the City as a home for her younger self. She couldn’t fully let go of her free and single life, and so she destroyed everything around her to satisfy her selfish desires.

Naomi Watts: A Joy To Watch

I thought Naomi Watts was really great as Jean. She was believable as both therapist house wife and disjointed lesbian journalist. I love how Naomi has aged gracefully in such a Botox heavy industry. Every subtle line on her face adds charm and experience to her character and she’s a joy to watch.

Unfortunately, I’ll never know what happens to Jean, and I’m pretty sad about that.

So there we have it, a semi-review of a TV show which no longer exists. Bit pointless really? I’d still say the first series is worth a watch, just don’t get too invested.

Did you watch Gypsy? Are there any shows you enjoyed that have been cancelled?

8 thoughts on “Don’t We All Want to Be Someone Else for a Day?”

  1. I love Naomi and noted to give this a try whenever I was in search of a new series. I just finished Ozark which was SO good and reminded me of Breaking Bad. Maybe you can do a review of that one as well, if you havent already? I’d love to hear your input. It sucks that this one got canceled though. I love a good suspense series.

  2. As a psychotherapist myself, I had some reservations about watching this TV series but I thought it was a great depiction of what NOT to do in terms of blurring the boundaries of client-therapist relationships (for example, when Jean takes her patient who is almost a replica of her mother to the yoga and mindfulness class, this is an example of pushing the boundaries outside of the therapy room but in a beneficial way). I also thought Naomi’s acting was fantastic – it’s fascinating to watch her go through the motions of being an inch away from tearing down her entire suburban life. I was also sad that the show was canceled!

  3. I’ve had very basic counselling training and my most over used phrase while watching Gypsy was “She can’t do that!” haha! She blurred the boundaries to a whole new level. I loved the concept of the show. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 X

  4. I have been meaning to watch Gypsy but I was wondering if I had the time to be invested for 4-5 seasons and somehow hearing that it has been cancelled gives me a hope that I can watch it. Crazy I know.. But I like shorter series.

    PS I have been hearing rad reviews about Ozark, and I loved Breaking Bad. So gotta give it a try. Right now watching Ray Donovan.

    Gayathri @ Musings Over Nothing

    1. I understand what you mean! Starting a show that has loads of seasons can be a bit daunting. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Leanne

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