I always believed that to find a spot treatment which actually stops acne in its tracks was like holding the winning lottery ticket.

Although a spot treatment isn’t a cure for acne, it will address the spot instantly. When you’ve got five separate spots making their way through your pores, it’s only natural to panic buy home acne treatments from the local chemist.

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On one particular trip to Tesco, I stumbled across the Freederm range. When I say ‘stumbled’, what I actually mean is I was stood looking at the ingredients lists and checking beautypedia.com for a good half an hour. It’s what I do. When you’ve wasted enough money on skincare in the past on impulse buys, you learn.

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If I remember correctly, the Freederm Gel was on sale and I threw it into my trolley and hoped for the best.

Since then I think I’ve made my way through another four tubes of this magic stuff.  I know if I repeat purchase something, it must be good because it rarely happens in total honesty.

On my first try with Freederm Gel I was drying out some stubborn established acne as well as predetermining the spot who laid beneath, like a dark demon planning to take down my face.

I slathered this stuff on, which I don’t think is recommended. But if you’ve ever had acne, in particular, hormonal acne, you’ll probably agree that more is more. I could go to bed some nights with so much product on my face I barely move for fear of disturbance. My poor husband is often on the end of a verbal assault, with popular phrases such as “I’ve got acid on” or “WAIT don’t mess my face up”.

The following day I noticed a lot less redness around the spots which were just coming through. It seemed to dull the pain. The acne which was already present, it helped dry out. Of course, it doesn’t do anything for pigmentation left over from acne, I just got a bit trigger happy.

Freederm Gel comes in a 10g tube, and you only need a very small amount to cover the spot. It’s a murky coloured clear gel and there’s no smell to it, due to it being fragrance-free. Praise the sensitive skin Gods. It doesn’t sting like so many others have a tendency to do. The active ingredient is Nicotinamide at a 4% potency. I’d heard of Niacinamide before, but not nicotinamide.

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Like niacinamide, nicotinamide is a vitamin B derivative, specifically a vitamin b3 complex. Fun fact, you can also find it in milk, yeast and some green vegetables. It’s great for inflammatory skin issues, which is what acne is. Some studies have shown using a topical 2% potency over a 4 week period can decrease the level of sebum in the skin. Which makes it a perfect ingredient for oily, acne prone skin.

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The reason I decided to finally discuss this product is that I’m still amazed at its results. It doesn’t just reduce the size and redness of existing spots, it literally kills them as they bubble away underneath the surface if you’re lucky enough to catch it.

Due to experimenting with various SPF’s this summer, I’ve been experiencing more what I would call ‘clogged acne’. So they don’t feel hormonal or cyst like, but smaller spots in oily places.

I developed that tingly sensation on my chin, so I knew a spot was coming, plus I also had one on my nose, which never happens. I used Freederm for a couple of nights and the spots never showed their faces. They just died. I don’t think I’ve ever been that impressed with a spot treatment, or heck, any acne treatment in my life.

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But you have to be extremely in tune with your skin for that to happen. Luckily, I tend to get an itchy, tingly feeling when a spot is brewing. I also frequently feel around for any sore patches or bumps. If I notice anything and I’m able to, the makeup comes off and this stuff goes on immediately.

I’m not sure it’s as effective on cysts or big hormonal acne type spots. Aside from helping to dry out the spot when it’s already in place, it’s never killed off a lurking cyst.

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I felt it was my duty as someone who struggles with acne to tell the world about this product. The best part is that it’s easily accessible and affordable. Who said skin care had to be expensive to work?

It’s been a good while since I’ve picked up any other spot treatments because I’m over the moon with this one. Below are some links to where you can find Freederm Gel online or in store.

Tesco: http://bit.ly/2tj0KYA (£5.00)
Boots: http://bit.ly/2uAI7zs (£5.95)
Wilko: http://bit.ly/2u0YJih (£4.00)
Superdrug: http://bit.ly/2u1kizs (£5.25)


4 thoughts on “a spot treatment that actually works”

  1. I also suffer from acne, and I agree that its so hard to find a good spot treatment. i’m definitely going to look into Freederm, it sounds awesome!

    1. Yeah, acne is a pain and sometimes products that worked great can start to be less effective. But I’ve found for certain types of spots, this stuff is great! Thanks for stopping by, X

  2. Thank you for sharing this product. I will certainly try this product for those pesky pimples that I get. I was blessed with or cursed with oily skin…not sure which it is…yet. But, because of my oily skin, I often get these pesky pimples. Not something I want to be bothered with in my adult life. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I agree! Acne isn’t something I thought I’d still be battling with in my 30s, but unfortunately adult acne in women is on the rise! Taking care of my skin and researching skincare is the best thing I’ve done though and it’s helped so much. Thanks for stopping by, Leanne x

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