Young People Voting Had an Undeniable Impact on the 2017 General Election

It’s not often I wake up to a bit of good news spread all over Facebook, especially in the current climate. I don’t tend to talk about politics on this blog or on social media as a general rule. First of all, I don’t believe I’m qualified enough. This fact doesn’t seem to stop most people, but then I guess who really is qualified enough? If it was left to the people with extensive, unbiased, political knowledge to vote there wouldn’t be much point.

But I felt like expressing my happiness this morning due to the story which stuck out the most. More young people ages 18-24 voted this year, which unquestionably had an impact on the 2017 general election.

While I don’t agree on youngsters (God, I’m old) only voting for a candidate based on who Lily Allen supports (is she still cool?), I am happy that celebrities and social media campaigns encouraged young people to register and walk into a polling station in the first place.

Young People Voting is the new cool

When I was that age, voting wasn’t really a hot topic in the mainstream and politics was for boring people with little fashion sense. Whatever your political stance is, it can only be a good thing that more young people are taking an interest in their future, because it is their future. 

As a teenager, I didn’t think politics affected me when I was a cocktail swilling student, but now with a Mother who relies on disability benefits (PIP) and the NHS, it quickly became clear to me how important politics is to our everyday lives.

Waking up to the news about Brexit and Trump, for me, was heartbreaking. Corbyn didn’t win and I’m sure they’ll be a heartbreak to come in some capacity but at least young people didn’t feel powerless for once.

When I’m old(er) I’ll remember waking up, rolling over to my phone and smiling at that statistic. Whether you’re red or blue, young people crossed the box for their future and that can only be a good thing.

Yes, the country is once again in political turmoil and all is unclear. Society is divided, quite literally. It’s not a great time to be alive, but sometimes we’ve got to take the little facts which warm our hearts and run with it, for our own sanity.

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