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Historically, I wouldn’t understand the point in partaking in a hobby unless it had some sort of end goal, which meant I wouldn’t have to work a shit job anymore. Sometimes I’d be having the time of my life and then the panic monster in my head would scream, “but what’s the point?” and I would give it up and move on to the next big idea.

A great example of this is singing and writing. Two mediums I love to engage in, which also comes quite naturally to me.  I would often ruin it for myself by trying to bend it into a shape that didn’t fit.

Singing, recording, filming and editing is fun but that pang of negativity would reveal itself, ultimately encouraging my self-doubt and slashing my motivation. The devil on my shoulder would whisper “but where is it going?” and the truth is, I didn’t and don’t know where it’s going, but why does that matter?

The same can be said for this blog. I thought it had to be a business opportunity, so I tried to mould it into a relatable, hot-topic-driven-stat-focused-nightmare. It wasn’t fun anymore, it was boring and unrelatable to me and I was the one writing the damn thing.

About a month ago I was watching a video by Marie Forleo over on YouTube and she was talking about concentrating on the process, rather than the end goal. If you’re unfamiliar with Marie, she’s a former life coach and now runs an online business school. She generally focuses on helping business owners but her advice can really be applied to life in general, in my view.

Focus on the Process and Not the Outcome

She discusses focusing on the action of what you’re doing to continue to motivate you, rather than worrying about the outcome. Motivation is definitely a buzzword in today’s society because we’re all constantly searching for it. It’s kind of like the terms ‘weight loss’ and ‘money’ – we’ve all become obsessed with finding the secret, quick fix answers, which don’t really exist.

Since watching the video I’ve really made a conscious effort to remind myself on a daily basis to try and just enjoy what I’m doing and it’s really helped. When I’m writing or recording myself singing, it gives me joy and satisfaction just through the action of doing it. The future is unknown, but then such is life. I need to start realising that my time here on earth is a magnificent journey through hundreds and thousands of different emotions, decisions, experiences and possible outcomes.

I’m sure if you’re applying this to a business venture you may need to be a little more pragmatic in your actions. However, I’m waving goodbye to anxiously questioning the future at every given opportunity because it’s tiresome and fruitless.

Check out Marie Forleo on her website and YouTube channel 

2 thoughts on “Focus on the Action, Not the Outcome”

  1. This is spot on- totally relate to this Lea! Number of times I’ve put my guitar down because I’ve wondered ‘what’s the point if it’s not getting me anywhere’… rather than just enjoying it for what it is.

    Have you heard of/read ‘the subtle art of not giving a f*ck’? I think you’d enjoy that for sure!

    Anyway I always enjoy your blog posts, keep ’em coming!

    Aimee (stead).

    1. Heyyy!!! Hows it going? I’m loving your pics on Instagram – very jealous! I haven’t read or heard of that book, but it sounds right up my street haha. Music should be fun, for sure! Big love, Leanne X

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