I woke up, startled. I thought Prince passing was a dream and felt a sigh of relief. My brain began to focus, and I came back to reality, only to discover it was true. Saddened, I fell back to sleep with a heavy heart.

Even now, it’s hard to conceive. I didn’t know him personally, but the connection ran so deep. He was a spiritual entity and a reminder of the beauty of life and creativity.

Phil (my Husband) introduced me to the brilliance of Prince. We met in our teens studying a music course. I remember him talking about his love for Prince and I probably thought “he’s hot, but Prince is lame.” – You see, Prince was not a part of my life until I met Phil. I obviously knew a couple of his tunes and heard the ridiculous rumors. As a young, ignorant fool I probably believed them all.

Once my relationship with Phil started to blossom, it became apparent that Prince was inevitably going to be a permanent fixture in my life. Phil saved some songs he thought I would like to my hard drive. The one that stands out was ‘Diamonds and Pearls’. We lay in bed listening to him, and I started to fall in love, with both men.

Over the years, we trawled through hundreds of songs, albums, videos, live shows, movies, interviews, and images. It felt odd to think my life existed before this musical awakening. We simply called him ‘P’ and danced around our home to his infectious sounds.

The connection grew even stronger for me when he released ‘Art Official Age’. It’s such a brilliant album, filled with all of the greatness Prince had to offer. Fun songs like ‘Funk n Roll’ to the emotional rollercoaster that is ‘Way Back Home’ – I used to cry every single time he hit the middle 8 in that song, without fail.

It was during my depression when life felt too hard. The lyrics spoke to me. I felt lifted up every time I heard his perfect voice sing the words, “All I ever wanted was to be left alone, see my bed’s made up at night cos in my dreams I roam.” I felt like he wrote this song for me, as I’m sure so many others did. His ability to speak a universal language through music was undeniable.

It was during this time I heard he was playing in the UK. There was no question in my mind; we were going. Phil doesn’t ask for a lot in life; he’s a humble man who puts others before himself. I wanted to make his dreams come true, to see his face light up. I spent 30 minutes in a toilet cubicle at work refreshing the ticket sales web page trying to buy them for any venue in the UK. I finally purchased two tickets to see PRINCE in Manchester. I couldn’t quite believe it. I remember being late back from lunch, knowing I was going to get a bollocking and not giving one shit about it.

Hearing and seeing Prince live was a spiritual experience. We had the worst seats in the house, but it felt like we were on stage with him. He brought everyone together through his music and energy. When he sang with just a piano, hearing that unique voice fill the stadium was surreal. He was so perfect, from start to finish. This night automatically went down as one of the best in my life. He made me feel happy and alive. Ultimately, I knew what it meant to my husband, and it warmed my soul.

Prince was and will always be a part of my family. That might sound crazy to some, but it’s comforting to me. His music has been the soundtrack to my adult life, and his soul and integrity is something I look up to.
Prince Rogers Nelson was the embodiment of being his natural self. He listened to his heart every step of the way. He made the music he wanted to make and in the way he wanted to make it. He was a private man who always gave back to his fans and community. He gave the unsavory aspects of the music industry the middle finger when he could have just coasted along making, even more, millions of dollars. He did everything in his way, until the end. He is an idol to so many because he wasn’t afraid to put his true self out there.

He supported so many young artists, especially women who can find it hard to have a serious voice within the music industry.

Some of his most meaningful songs weren’t even ‘hits’ – I urge you to listen to his albums from start to finish.

I don’t think Prince was afraid to die; you can hear it in his lyrics. He was an extremely spiritual person who welcomed the prospect of the afterlife. Whether or not it’s something you believe in, is irrelevant. He spent 57 years on this planet living his truth and that’s all that matters.

His physical body has gone, but his passion, talent, and art will live on forever here on earth.

Prince, I want you forever
I want to keep you for the rest of my life
All that’s wrong in my world you can make right
Forever in my life.


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Lyrics: Way Back Home and Forever In My Life by Prince

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