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BBC New Interview about my experiences as a carer for my Mum who has younger on-set Alzheimer's Disease

This week I was interviewed by the BBC to help shed a light on the struggles of being a paid and non-paid carer for a loved one. As I’ve previously touched on, my Mum has younger on-set Dementia. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease at age 59 when I was just 27 years old. In 2016 I gave up work to become her carer and it has been an extremely difficult, emotional and often, scary, position to be in. I was really grateful to the BBC for giving me some airtime on both the BBC Wales Today show and on the BBC News website. TheseRead More →

The Ian MacKaye Interview What inspired the template for the band, The Evens? What made both of you decide to bring this project to life? There was no pre-ordained template for the band. Amy and I just started playing music together because we were friends and The Evens grew out of our time in the basement. We weren’t planning on being a band, but things in life lined up in a way that made it possible. As I mentioned, we have been long-time close friends and had for many years talked about playing music together. It was during one of a series of breaks thatRead More →

Location Area: Birchgrove Address: 25-27 Pantbach Road, CF14 1TU) Parking: On street parking Service Full Body Massage Price: £45 for 1 hour Review Aurora is nestled in a residential suburb of Birchgrove in the North of Cardiff. Those familiar with Whitchurch and the surrounding areas will undoubtedly find their way with ease, if not, you may need some help from your sat nav or Google maps. There’s on-street parking which can get busy, but I had no problem finding a space a little further up the road. I gave Whitchurch village a quick visit beforehand. You could make an afternoon of it. There’s an abundance of charity shops,Read More →

I’m regularly approached by companies via email offering to send me items for free, receive discounts or afforded the opportunity to take someone up on their ‘life-changing’, ‘unique’, ‘guaranteed’ to appear on the first page of Google service. I’ve never done the latter, but they keep on coming. Everyday. At first, it’s quite flattering that companies would go to the effort to find my contact details and reach out. After a while, you start to weed out the scammy from the genuine. When I received an email from tosave.com offering me some free product in return for a review, I wasn’t sure. I took a lookRead More →

Vero has the potential to be the next big player in social media. We're bored of advertising, algorithms and being forced to look at the content we're not interested in on Facebook and Instagram. It's time for a shakeup. Is Vero (True Social) the answer?

A couple of months ago I deleted Instagram. I’d simply had enough. I’d had enough of the algorithm from hell, missing my friends’ posts as they weren’t deemed important enough and also that it was extremely difficult to connect with potential readers. Let’s not forget how vapid it’s become, too. If I saw one more picture of a carefully manicured hand, with an expensive watch strewn across an Audi steering wheel I was going to lose my mind. Instagram Instagram was the underdog when it began. A place for people who liked taking photos and wanted to share them with the world. Now, it’s aRead More →

Let me start by stating that I’m overweight. Since January I’ve lost two stone, mainly due to illness and an inability to eat. Some of that weight has been lost through diet and exercise. Even after shedding two stone, I’m still overweight and I have a way to go. Weight is a hot topic and it always will be. Anyone can throw in their two cents whether they’re overweight, underweight, normal weight, they’ve lost weight or gained it. First-hand experience with weight issues doesn’t seem to be a factor when TV shows hire guest speakers or spats break out on Twitter. Everyone has an opinionRead More →

Losing weight to save my eyes. I was recently diagnosed with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension and my journey towards bettering my health starts here. Click through to find out more about the condition, what it is, symptoms and treatment. Look out for part two.

To say it’s been a shitty start to 2018, would be an understatement of epic proportions. I was diagnosed with a chronic condition called Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. A condition, which put bluntly, could lead to permanent loss of vision or blindness. That’s the worst-case scenario. I sought medical help as soon as the symptoms occurred, they were pretty hard to ignore. It took a few weeks to get a diagnosis, but my persistence at speaking to my GP, A&E and out of hours doctors when I could no longer cope, brought with it a conclusion in the form of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. I was able toRead More →