• Interview with Alyssia Sheikh of Mind Over Munch YouTube channel. Click through for interview, including some video recipe recommendations.
  • A review of the Freederm Gel 10g which can be found in local chemists and supermarkets in the UK


  • Vero has the potential to be the next big player in social media. We're bored of advertising, algorithms and being forced to look at the content we're not interested in on Facebook and Instagram. It's time for a shakeup. Is Vero (True Social) the answer?What Is Vero? And Why is it Better Than Instagram, FB and Twitter?
    In Life, Opinion
    A couple of months ago I deleted Instagram. I’d simply had enough. I’d had enough of the algorithm from hell, missing my friends’ posts as they weren’t deemed important enough and also that it was extremely difficult to […]
  • Is being told to lose weight by a doctor fat shaming?
    In Health, Mind, Opinion
    Let me start by stating that I’m overweight. Since January I’ve lost two stone, mainly due to illness and an inability to eat. Some of that weight has been lost through diet and exercise. Even after shedding two stone, I’m still […]
  • Losing weight to save my eyes. I was recently diagnosed with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension and my journey towards bettering my health starts here. Click through to find out more about the condition, what it is, symptoms and treatment. Look out for part two.Losing Weight to Save My Eyes (Pt.1) | Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension
    In Health
    To say it’s been a shitty start to 2018, would be an understatement of epic proportions. I was diagnosed with a chronic condition called Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. A condition, which put bluntly, could lead to permanent loss of […]
  • The Dough Thrower is situated opposite Victoria Park in Cardiff and offers up extremely tasty, handmade pizzas at a modest price in a cosy setting. Click through for a full review!The Dough Thrower | Tasty Pizza in Victoria Park Cardiff
    In Life, Review
    I wasn’t planning on writing a review of The Dough Thrower, but as soon as we sat down and I ordered a red wine, I had a feeling a post might follow. I grew up in Victoria Park, which others may call Canton, but I was always pretty adamant […]
  • I was invited to the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Skin Clinic in John Lewis, Cardiff and got to use some notorious CT products including the £70 'magic' cream. Click through for my thoughts!Charlotte Tilbury Magic Skin Clinic | John Lewis, Cardiff
    In Beauty, Life, Review
    Back in 2017, I was invited to John Lewis in Cardiff to experience a Charlotte Tilbury Magic Skin Clinic facial in their beauty/treatment room. This treatment isn’t a permanent fixture, but they’re available as part of a special event […]
  • Perhaps changing the narrative from 'no regrets' to 'some regrets' could be the key to compiling a successful list of realistic resolutions for 2018.Regrets, I’ve Had a Few | New Years Resolutions 2018
    In Life, Mind
    We’re constantly fed the line ‘no regrets’ and told that looking back is pointless and we should always live in the now. Everything happens for a reason, right? I’ve always subscribed to this way of thinking, and generally, I […]
  • Mum’s Vintage Recipes: 90’s Shepherd’s Pie
    In A Dementia Diary
    https://youtu.be/VDyGWJcL9TE When I took on the role as my Mum’s PA / Carer, one of the first tasks I had in mind was a bloody good clear out. Over the years her house had become extremely cluttered and I found it to be discombobulating, so I […]
  • Bioderma Photoderm MAX SPF 50 + | Knowledge is Power Review
    In Beauty, Life, Review
    Product: Bioderma Photoderm MAX Ultra Fluid SPF 50 + This is a high protection SPF from french pharmacy brand, Bioderma. This lightweight fluid combines maximum anti-UVB and UVA-protecting ingredients, which utilize the patented Cellular […]
  • I Didn’t Have Long Enough With My Mum | A Dementia Diary
    In A Dementia Diary
    Sorry for any typos or shitty writing in general, I find it hard to constantly read back over my words. It’s very much written on the fly. How different would my life be if my Mum didn’t have Alzheimer’s Disease? We could meet up […]
  • John Lewis Christmas Shop and Gift Guide
    In Home, Life, Review
    We’re hurtling towards December at an incredibly fast pace, and for the first time in years, I’m in the festive mood already. As a youngster, I loved Christmas but there’s no denying that as we get older Christmas can become a […]
  • YourGoodSkin Comforting Gel Cleanser | Knowledge is Power Review
    In Beauty, Life, Review
    Product: YourGoodSkin Comforting Gel Cleanser YourGoodSkin is a brand new skincare line, developed by dermatologists and tested on thousands of women, according to their website. They claim to bring products to the market that help create a balanced […]
  • 'Death in slow motion' is a haunting phrase used to describe feelings of grief family members often feel while caring for someone with Alzheimer's DiseaseA Dementia Diary: Grief for the Mum I’m Losing and Have Already Lost
    In A Dementia Diary
    I haven’t been able to write for days. Since I took some time off from social media and blogging, I haven’t been able to get back into it with the same level of passion and excitement. I have all the best intentions in the world, but […]
  • RIP Papa Emeritus IIIR.I.P Papa Emeritus III (Happy Halloween Make-up Tutorial)
    In Art & Culture, Beauty, Life
    I’ve become a little obsessed with the Swedish rock band Ghost over the past few months. If you’re a fan, you’ll probably be aware how the world of Ghost can suck you in. It’s a visual experience, just as much as an audible […]
  • Henry Rollins is no doubt, a household name. In 2005 I had the opportunity to interview him for my fanzine 'Zineophobia' which made me love him even more. Click through to read the full interview from 2005!The Henry Rollins Interview: Fanzine Archive 2005
    In Art & Culture, Interview
    Henry Rollins is a household name. He has an unbreakable stream of creative output and the guy just doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. When I was a fresh-faced 20-year-old, I had the opportunity to interview him for my fanzine […]
  • Instagram: I don’t want to go back to midnight scrolling in bed. It perpetuates my feeble obsession with acceptance from others, which is never a good thing. Click through to find out how I'm cutting down on social media going foward and prioritising my workload.Why Instagram Perpetuates My Feeble Obsession with Acceptance
    In Health, Mind
    I’ve just had a couple of nights away with friends in the countryside and I chose to give myself a much needed digital detox.  I disabled notifications for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Telegram, WhatsApp and WordPress on Sunday morning […]
  • I'm having a digital detox for a couple of days and the prospect scares me. I think I've got an unhealthy obsession with my phone.Brb Social Media, I’m Having a Digital Detox
    In Health, Mind
    I’m a little ashamed to admit that I think I’ve got a problem. I can’t seem to put down my phone. I know this isn’t a rarity because more and more of us are becoming addicted to the little world we hold in our hands. Usually, […]
  • As a carer for my Mum who has early onset dementia, I'm always thinking of ways to help brighten up her home. I love this print from Created by Magic. Click through to take a look and get 15% off your order!Helping Mum to Remember with Elephant Art | A Dementia Diary
    In A Dementia Diary, Home
    As I’ve written about previously, I’m a part-time carer for my Mum who has younger on-set dementia at 63. As well as daily caring life, I’m always trying to think of ways to keep her home bright and cheerful. Mum’s absolute […]
  • When I’m Skinny, I’ll Be Hayley Williams
    In Health, Mind
    I used to tell myself I’d be in a ‘proper’ band when I lost enough weight because I simply couldn’t fathom being the frontwoman of a rock band feeling the way I did. I’ve fed myself that line since I was a teenager, I’m now 32. […]
  • I was recently invited to a Cardiff blogger event at the Kiehl's store. Here are my thoughts on Midnight Recovery Concentrate and other Kiehls products.Kiehl’s Product Review: Allergic Skin Reaction | Midnight Recovery
    In Beauty, Life, Review
    A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a blogger event at the Kiehl’s store in Cardiff. As somewhat of a skincare nerd, I was extremely excited. I’d heard so much about Kiehl’s but had never tried them out. I also don’t get out much. I […]
  • 3 Honest Questions to Ask While Clearing Your Closet
    In Life, Style
    I’m not a minimalist, far from it. I don’t think I have the capability to rotate the same five pairs of knickers or keep a note of how many items of clothes I own. Frankly, that shit would take up way too much brain power. However, I have a lot less […]
  • My thoughts on Oktoberfest 2017 at Pati Pavilion in Swansea, Wales - Click through for more photos of beer and bratwurstBratwurst & Beers: Oktoberfest at the Swansea Patti Pavilion
    In Life, Review
    I bagged us a couple of tickets to the Patti Pavilion in Swansea for Oktoberfest 2017, which was held on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th of September. We went along on the Friday as I met Phil from work in Swansea. I’m not a big drinker, but I do […]
  • Self-Doubt kills our passion, so don't surrender to it. Click through to find out how and why I ignore my self-doubt and embrace my true self.Don’t Let Self-Doubt Kill Your Passions
    In Beauty, Health, Mind
    I’ve been fiddling around on Facebook for an hour, trying to think of something to write. Inspiration is a funny old thing, and what can appear to be a mentally slow day can quickly turn into an onslaught of motivational thought patterns, and […]
  • I Found My Annual Handbag and It’s Beautifully Bright Red
    In Fashion, Life, Style
    I spend a lot of time in Marks and Spencer, mainly because as a carer for my Mum its close to her house and a familiar setting for her. After our Monday morning coffee, we always have a wander through the clothes, shoes and bag departments. I was […]
  • The Emma Guns Interview: Beauty Editor Turned Podcaster
    In Beauty, Health, Interview, Life, Mind
    The Emma Guns Show is the perfect blend of real-life talk, professional advice and inspirational storytelling, with some seriously hard-hitting guests who pack a powerful punch of knowledge, experience and relatability. Emma Gunavardhana, host and […]
  • Red is the colour of AW17, head to toe or a sharp hit within your outfit. These are the looks I'm loving from the streets to the runway. Style, beauty, accessories and shoes. Click through to see it all and get inspired.REDRUM Autumn Winter 2017 | All Red Everything
    In Fashion, Life, Style
    Red has always been my favourite colour, so when I spotted it’s the colour for Autumn Winter 2017, I did a little happy dance. Not because the fashion Gods have allowed me to wear it, I don’t play by those rules, but because it […]
  • I decided to use make-up as a form of self expression to help with my anxiety and fears. Read on through to find out why.I Assumed My Depression Was Back
    In Health, Mind
    On Sunday evening, I fell into a slump. A slump which was unexplainable and one that I couldn’t seem to shake. I’d stare off into space, with a feeling of emptiness and panic. I glanced at the calendar and felt a pang of familiarity. […]
  • Oktoberfest Swansea 2017 at Patti Pavillion
    In Life, Review
    As a, somewhat, ignorant Cardiffian, I don’t tend to explore other cities in Wales too much. I prefer small towns, villages and the countryside if I’m venturing within Wales. However, since my husband began working for Cranes Musical […]
  • This Bird’s Not Slowing Down
    In Art & Culture, Beauty, Mind
    I woke up this morning in a bit of a low mood. I curled up on the sofa and watched ‘To The Bone’ on Netflix which made me even sadder. Not the best idea? I decided to throw on some makeup and take a walk to Tesco. Mainly just to get out […]
  • This Is How Caring for Someone with Alzheimer’s Has Changed Me
    In A Dementia Diary, Mind
    My Mum has early-on set Alzheimer’s Disease and was diagnosed around the age of 60, but had signs well before then. Back in April of this year, I decided to start a new blog called ‘a dementia diary’, which enabled me to document […]
  • Cycle Republic have conducted a survey of 500 cyclists in the UK to find out why they ride, how safe they feel and how well equipped they are. Click through for moreCyclists, how safe do you feel on the roads?
    In Opinion
    I’d spend hours pretending my bike was a car as a child. I’d sit in imaginary traffic and indicate left or right with my arms while waving to the invisible car in front of me. Playing ‘drive-thru’ at the kitchen window was […]
  • Did the Spice Girls help empower or oppress young girls?
    In Art & Culture, Mind, Opinion
    Just two months before my 11th Birthday, the Spice girls released ‘Wannabe’ which hit me like a tonne of platform shoes. They were, quite simply, life. I was flicking through music channels at my Mum’s house the other day. I […]
  • I've always loved the concept of driving from a young age - Here are 5 reasons why I love my simplistic car. Click through for embarassing photos of me as a child.5 Reasons Why I Love My Simplistic Car
    In Life, Opinion
    When I passed my driving test it was one of the best days of my life. I didn’t know it back then, but it would open the doors to so much adventure and freedom that life without a car just wouldn’t permit. I was always a little obsessed […]
  • Instead of being embarrassed about my prematurely grey hair, I'm confessing to the world that I've got them and they're annoying, but that's life. Click through to find out more, including some products to try.Grey Hair and I Absolutely Do Care
    In Beauty, Life, Review
    I began to notice a pesky grey hair or two around five years back. At first, I thought I was seeing things. I was in my twenties, how could I possibly be going grey? When I took a closer look, the truth revealed itself to me. I was going grey. Shit. […]
  • Don’t We All Want to Be Someone Else for a Day?
    In Art & Culture, Mind, Review
    I’ve been sat here for a good hour trying to write a blog. I’ve thought of four different topics, stared at the screen for minutes on end and ate way too many mini poppadoms without even thinking about it through sheer frustration. When […]
  • I was lucky enough to snag a couple of tickets to TramShred, Tramshed Cardiff. A workout class which combines music with fitness and a glass of bubbly afterTramshred Class and a Glass at Tramshed Cardiff | Review
    In Health, Review
    90’s RnB Nostalgia When I saw the words ’90’s RnB’ and ‘workout’ in the same sentence, I was pretty much already on my way to Tramshed two weeks early. You see, I have a nostalgic attachment to the great tunes of […]
  • My Pockets Are Empty but My Heart Is Full
    In Health, Mind
    I didn’t think I’d still have empty pockets at the age of 31. It’s not that I thought I would be rich or anything, just not scraping by month to month. Over the years I’ve always chosen happiness over financial gain. At times […]
  • In my 20's, the thought of reaching my 30's terrified me, and I didn't want to get old. Now I realise it's a blessing. Here are 5 reasons why I love being in my 30's. Click through to read.5 Reasons Why I Love Being in My 30’s
    In Beauty, Health, Mind
    In my 20’s, I lived with this constant sense of dread that I was quickly leading up to my 30’s. I was terrified of getting old. What I didn’t anticipate were the rewards that age can bring personally. Now I’m 31 and a lot […]
  • Why My Hooded Eyes Can’t Live Without Black Liquid Eyeliner
    In Beauty, Life, Review
    As I stood at my Mum’s kitchen window frantically applying my makeup, it suddenly dawned on me that I’d left my black liquid eyeliner at home. This was an actual catastrophe. Massive. Huge. I was just about to head off to a singing job […]
  • I'm no longer ashamed of my dark thoughts and actually, the acceptance of my dark side has helped the bright side shine more frequently and for longer.We Shouldn’t Feel Ashamed of Our Dark Thoughts
    In Health, Mind
    Deciding on a topic to write about today wasn’t easy. In the back of my head, I’ve wanted to address the Chester Bennington suicide since it happened, but I also wasn’t sure if going there would be hard. Writing about frivolous […]
  • A review of the Freederm Gel 10g which can be found in local chemists and supermarkets in the UKa spot treatment that actually works
    In Beauty, Life, Review
    I always believed that to find a spot treatment which actually stops acne in its tracks was like holding the winning lottery ticket.
  • Taking on a balanced diet has really helped me to lose weightwhy having a balanced diet is helping me lose weight
    In Health, Mind
    having a balanced diet has always mystified me, until now.
  • Chic and casual summer stripes in blue, white and redStriped shirts in blue, white and red
    In Beauty, Fashion, Life, Style
    I love how these striped threads can be thrown into a wardrobe for either a bit of fun, a classic cut or both. No rules, no hiding, just striping. 
  • I put the Vichy Dermablend Corrective Fluid Foundation to the test for acne, rosacea and pigmentation.Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation Review for pigmentation & rosacea
    In Beauty, Life, Review
    I put Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation to the test for pigmentation, acne marks and rosacea.
  • The Ordinary review of azelaic acid, retinol, vitamin c, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and natural moisturizing factors. Click for more with photos.The Ordinary Review: Azelaic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Retinol & More
    In Beauty, Mind, Review
    The Ordinary is, without a doubt, a disruptive, innovative brand which exploded into the skincare market like an atom bomb.
  • I finally gave up coffee and it feels great!I finally gave up coffee and it feels great
    In Beauty, Health
    I don't like being controlled, so coffee had to go.
  • Are Marks and Spencer getting younger or am I getting older?is M&S getting younger, or am I getting older?
    In Fashion, Life, Style
    The other day I realised that apart from my shoes and bag, I was wearing head to toe M&S clothes.
  • The Emma Guns Show is created by beauty writer Emma Gunavardhana. I was inspired after listening to the podcast with Jo Elvin of Glamour Magazine.The Emma Guns Show with Jo Elvin of Glamour Magazine
    In Beauty, Life, Review
    "pursuing the dream is possibly not always the best option in terms of being self-sufficient." 
  • I couldn't help but smile this morning after reading about young people voting and the impact it's had on the 2017 general election.young people voting puts a smile on my face
    In Opinion
    More young people ages 18-24 voted this year, which unquestionably had an impact on the 2017 general election.
  • Nobody needs to have a butt like Beyonce or legs like Taylor Swift. As Gandhi said, "be the change you want to see in the world" and a thigh gap is not itA thigh gap is not the change I want to see
    In Health, Mind, Opinion
    When we're lying in our deathbeds staring the grim reaper in the face, I highly doubt we'll be proclaiming, "I just wish I'd lost that extra ten pounds."
  • I'd say I became addicted to coffee around seven or eight years ago. I already know so many people can relate, because we're are a nation of coffee drinkersAre You Addicted to Coffee?
    In Beauty, Health
    As I write this I'm staring down at a thick and creamy crema on top of my black coffee. It's decaf though. A fact that my body will punish me for later, but I have to try and kick this habit.
  • About a month ago I was watching a video by Marie Forleo over on YouTube and she was talking about concentrating on the process, rather than the end goal.Focus on the Action, Not the Outcome
    In Mind, Opinion
    The future is unknown, but then such is life. I need to start realising that my time here on earth is a magnificent journey through hundreds and thousands of different emotions, decisions, experiences and possible outcomes.
  • We Need to Stop Fearing What We Don’t Understand
    In Mind, Opinion
    I feel the concept of being afraid of people who aren't 'like us' is pretty childish, but I still see it as strongly now in adulthood.
  • I have acne. I'm 31. I didn't think hormonal acne would be a problem at this age. As it turns out, skin care doesn't get any easier with age, kids.Hormonal Acne Doesn’t Get Any Easier With Age
    In Beauty, Health, Life
    Today I passed the Easter aisle in Tesco and felt like jumping on top of the easter eggs and breaking into them like a jacked up zombie on a fresh body.
  • Over the years, I've come to realise that my self-respect is almost non-existent on some days and patchy on others.Do You Have Self-respect?
    In Health, Mind
    When did I become this person? I think somewhere between punk rock and spirituality, I left pieces of my self respect scattered along my path of destruction. I used to stand up for myself, call others out on the their bullshit and hug my moral compass to sleep every night. Now, I mainly just worry until I can't sleep and take the easy way out of situations so I don't cause a scene or upset anyone.
  • I don't think I know anyone who lives a life without a little or a lot of materialistic stuff. Stuff that we don't need and stuff that projects an image.Let’s Stop Worshipping Materialistic Shit
    In Mind, Opinion
    Kylie Jenner brings out a lipstick and suddenly you've got 12 year girls pressuring their parents to buy a product which is worth a couple of pounds, at best.
  • Anxiety by Chloe Hammond (Author of Darkly Dreaming)
    In Uncategorized
    Over the last year and a half, I’ve discovered there are many, many unpleasant factors involved in suffering from Anxiety. I’ve been horrified to realise that my brain is betraying my trust- suddenly I can’t believe it’s assessment of a situation. […]
  • I'm focusing on lower back pain treatment at home and at the physiotherapist. The lower back pain I'm experiencing now was inevitable really.Baby Got (Lower) Back (Pain)
    In Health
    I just feel that my limbs have never been strong enough so I've relied on my back for support and finally, it's said, "hey Leanne, fuck you" - I get it and it's time to make some changes.
  • I was recently invited to a Doterra essential oils class by a work colleague, which intrigued me. Here's my take on the brand and the class itself.DoTerra Essential Oils Class with Oils4All
    In Health, Review
    Last month I was invited to an essentials oils class at the home of a work friend. He's an independent consultant for the US brand, DoTerra. I was intrigued to find out more and it's not every day you meet people who are into natural alternatives.
  • No More Blogging About My Weight
    In Health, Mind
    Writing and blogging about my weight/loss and diet was a double edged sword. On one side it made me realise how fucked up my relationship with food was, which lead me to be more mindful. On the other side, I feel like it may have made my relationship with it even more fucked up.
  • I Absolutely Can Do It
    In Mind
    I'm sat in Starbucks and a lovely lady just told me I had a wonderful voice. We got to chatting and she's a friend of my Mother-in-law's and watches my videos on Facebook. Well if that isn't a confidence as I'm sat here writing this, I don't know what is. It's moments like that that remind me why I do it and that I absolutely, can do it! Thanks, Alison!
  • Laura Mvula in Cardiff
    In Art & Culture, Review
    When Laura Mvula hit the stage, the excitement was unreal! The whole band walked onto the stage during a moment of complete darkness. ‘Overcome’ lit up the entire venue and hearing her voice blast across the speakers was exactly how I had pictured it.
  • STOP Covering Your Arse
    In Health, Mind
    Does my arse look big in this? Yes. Do I care? No.
  • Luna Organic Beauty Boutique | Cardiff Launch Night
    In Beauty, Health, Life
    We had a chance to speak with owner and founder of Luna Organics, Samantha. It was great to hear the story behind the skincare line and beauty boutique. She has such a passion for her industry, and it's through the necessity of finding alternatives that her brand was born.
  • Tortilla Cardiff | 5 Point Review
    In Health, Life, Review
    A review of Tortilla in Cardiff, Caroline Street.
  • Prince, Forever in My Life
    In Art & Culture, Review
    I woke up, startled. I thought Prince passing was a dream and felt a sigh of relief. My brain began to focus, and I came back to reality, only to discover it was true. Saddened, I fell back to sleep with a heavy heart.
  • Waitrose Pure Beauty | Skin Care Review
    In Beauty, Life, Review
    I walked by the Waitrose Pure range which I’d spotted a few times before. I decided actually to pay it some mind this time. I noticed that all of the products had that handy percentage graphic, detailing how much of the product is natural or naturally derived. I then saw how cheap it was, and I felt a flutter of excitement in my belly.
  • Interview with Alyssia Sheikh of Mind Over Munch YouTube channel. Click through for interview, including some video recipe recommendations.Mind Over Munch Interview with YouTube Influencer Alyssia Sheikh
    In Interview
    Mind Over Munch offer loads of great money and time-saving videos in the form of preparation ideas for an array of healthy, vegan, gluten free diets.
  • Natural Skin Care | Night Routine Video
    In Beauty, Life
    Finding a natural skin care routine can take years to get right. When I was younger, I didn't pay much attention to it. I used to wash with soap and go.
  • Rosacea & Acne Cover Up | Make-Up Video
    In Beauty, Life
    I decided to put a quick video up showing how I do my make-up to cover my spots,scarring, rosacea and acne. Not wearing any make up is scary!
  • The Last Leg by Natalie Matthews
    In Health
    A personal account of the affect of diabetes and amputation by Natalie Matthews
  • Sugar Rush | Jamie Oliver | Review
    In Health, Opinion, Review
    A review of the Sugar Rush documentary by Jamie Oliver on Channel 4. Exploring the concept of a sugar tax in the UK.
  • I Matter, You Matter
    In Mind
    When I was younger, I didn’t care what people thought. Then I went through a very long phase of being anxious, paranoid, insecure and hating every part of myself. I would hide away in my home, not get changed out of my PJs and was scared of […]
  • The Life Changing Magic of Tidying
    In Home, Life, Review, Style
    Guest post by Teri Rabaiotti  I am a messy person, I’d drive my mum bonkers as a kid with my messy room and would sometimes come home from school with the contents of my room in the back garden after she’d thrown them out of the window 😉 […]
  • #WeekendCoffeeShare : No Work, Big Plans and Love
    In Weekend Coffee Share
    If we were having coffee today, I would be full of beans because I’m feeling particularly energetic and full of ideas. It’s the classic case of having a few days off work and feeling like you could take on the world. Can’t say […]
  • In my head or in my arm? coming off hormonal contraception
    In Health, Mind
    Guest blog post by Teri Rabaiotti  Up until a couple of months ago, I had been on hormonal contraception for seven years, 4 years on depo-provera injection and 3 on the implant. Seven years of 99%+ effectiveness from pregnancy, yes, but what about […]
  • Being healthy is expensive? Nutrition on a budget
    In Health
    I always used to moan about how expensive ‘healthy’ food was and used this as nice excuse for eating unhealthy options. Of course it’s cheaper to produce a heavily processed, chemically enhanced, refined sugar infested chilled […]
  • Hermit with a Vitamin-D Deficiency
    In Mind
    I had some crazy adrenaline fueled tossing and turning episode last night while I should of been catching some Z’s before my 6:30am wake-up call. I got into bed and I just couldn’t switch off. I had a really good Sunday. I didn’t […]
  • Routine isn’t boring, it’s an act of self care
    In Health, Mind
    One of the greatest things I have learnt during my journey is to make the most out of the days where you are feeling happy, because you never know when the next day will come when you don’t feel like getting dressed. If I do all I can on the […]
  • Sadhguru in London | Live Event Review
    In Art & Culture, Health, Mind, Review
    Sadhguru isn’t trying to be the messiah; he’s not promoting religious beliefs or attempting to convert people to some profitable cult (which is what some ignorant journalists would have you believe) – he is just offering an alternative to living in anger, sadness, fear and disappointment. He is inspiring people to look inside themselves, to work on their ‘inner engineering’ – to get the most of this life we have been blessed with.
  • Why Channel 4’s ‘Plus Sized Wars’ Misses the Point
    In Beauty, Opinion, Review
    I don’t want to embrace or encourage my unhealthy issues with food but I also don’t want to demonise myself for having them in the first place. Did you catch the documentary on Channel 4 called Plus Size Wars this week? It left me sat uncomfortably […]
  • Post for Welldoing.org – Why My Mum’s Dementia Affects Us All
    In A Dementia Diary, Mind
    This is possibly the most personal piece of writing that I’ve ever put out there. My aim is to make people aware of early on-set Alzheimer’s disease and how it affects the individual but also the children. My Mum was a single parent to three […]
  • A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor by Ashley Wheat
    In Mind
    When I first read Ashley’s submission for The Itch Inside, I felt connected. I felt like someone was writing about how I feel. That feeling of good news, positivity and celebrations being overshadowed by anxiety and depression is a situation I […]
  • Music Monday : Instrumental Awakening (John Zorn)
    In Art & Culture
    I was sat having a think about any particular music I’ve been listening to this week that has spoken to me. I thought about what words had been said, their sentiments and the effect on my mood. I was having trouble thinking of words that have […]
  • Music Monday : Faith No More – Falling to Pieces
    In Art & Culture, Mind
    It’s funny because I never thought that a Faith No More song would speak to me. To be honest, the sentimentality of their lyrics are usually hard to decipher and this is mainly due to the fact that Mike Patton tends to make them up and they […]
  • Get Worse, Get Better
    In Health, Mind
    I don’t feel like I’ve been doing very well lately. Perhaps it needs to get worse before it can get better? I sail through my days on a boat that is barely staying a float. The cracks in the wood below my feet are slowly allowing the sea water to […]
  • The Apothecary Cardiff | Interview
    In Health, Interview
    I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve driven by The Apothecary Cardiff since it opened its doors in April 2014.
  • Music Monday: Future by Paramore
    In Art & Culture, Mind
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oScRBsOV6I So this is the first edition of Music Monday on theitchinside.com – It’s posts dedicated to encouraging words in songs or music that gives you a natural high, sets you up for the day and helps […]
  • I’m Here
    In Art & Culture, Mind
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYLjuWTTdJE “I don’t need you to love me…” This is the opening line to the song, “I’m Here” from the musical adaptation of the iconic novel, The Color Purple. Acceptance is a […]
  • Writing Music to Overcome Depression: Post on Welldoing.org
    In Health, Mind
    I have written another post for Welldoing.org about using songwriting as a self help tool and to help overcome depression. I also talk about how I have used song writing in the past for mending relationships. This an extremely helpful and insightful […]
  • Getting to Know the Dragon by Teri Rabaiotti
    In Mind
    I am really happy and honoured that a good friend of mine has chosen to open up about her struggle with anxiety and panic attacks for The Itch Inside. It’s really not an easy task, to be this open and honest about sensitive issues. When I read […]
  • I’ll Bring Back the Goods
    In Art & Culture, Mind
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyM5wow-hUk As well as being creative myself, I find that surrounding myself with art is a helpful way to idenity feelings. Music is my vice for self expression but being a listener is also an extremely important part […]
  • Back to Reality
    In Mind
    I’m sat on a sofa, drinking a coffee, in a recording studio with my band, listening to Chris record beautiful guitar over our song ‘Pray For You.’ As I sit here, I’m thinking of vocal harmonies for my session later. Then, the dark cloud of a […]
  • Sadhguru Book Review | Don’t Polish Your Ignorance
    In Health, Mind, Review
    I choose to do a Sadhguru book review as his words have been a comfort to me of late. I wanted to share that with others who may gain the same kind of help from reading it. So I decided to combine my first ever book review with my first ever YouTube […]
  • New Year, New Pressure
    In Health, Mind, Opinion
    Today I have been faced with obnoxious bus stop adverts for multiple stores, promoting their January sales. I have just read a text message from Bannatynes Gym, offering me membership for a £1 joining fee and have skimmed through countless Facebook […]
  • Christmas Anxiety: Post for Welldoing.org
    In Mind
    I had the priviledge of writing a post for the innovative and informative health website, Welldoing.org. This website is not just a destination full of great information for the wellbeing of the mind, body and soul it is also a unique therapist […]
  • Celebrate Your Small Victories
    In Mind
    November 2014, my Grandfather passed away at the age of 90. He was so much more than my Bampie, he was a second Father. I feel that I’ve personally dealt with it pretty well so far. I honestly believe that this strength has come from writing […]
  • Guest Blog on ‘Black Rainbow’
    In Mind
    I have never read Psychologies magazine before but decided to pick up the November issue with Brad Pitt on the cover. I got to an article about the writer Rachel Kelly and her struggle with depression. I related so much to her story as she has found […]
  • Cloudburst
    In Mind
    The autumn trees revealed their reflection in the still lake below, the down pore of rain, it ruined the picture, a perfect image left fractured. Could this be why it’s so impossible to face the mirror when life dives south? When the cloudburst of […]
  • Peace At Last
    In Mind
    I would like to start off by saying that I am not an artist in terms of painting, drawing etc. I’ve never been ‘able’ to draw and I’ve never had the patience to learn. I always thought it was a bit of a shame because […]
  • Digest Your Feelings
    In Mind
    I often get to a tipping point in my head where it literally feels like the end of the world. Everything that I do, every person that I speak to and every glance in the mirror releases feelings of irritation, stubbornness and heart ache. This is […]